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Why has my headrest popped out of place?

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Hello Paul, I drive a 2010 Mercedes ML station wagon. Recently, the passenger headrest just popped out of position and hung loose. My mechanic cannot explain why this has occurred and neither can he fix it. He has suggested that I buy another head restraint but this one cannot seem to get off. Please advise if I have to get a new one and where from locally. Nuwamanya.

Hello Nuwamanya, I think your Mercedes ML W164 is fitted with headrests that come with the NECK-PRO head restraint technology. The NECK-PRO headrest on the passenger side has been deployed and should be re-attached or harnessed back into position. You need to understand what this Mercedes safety feature is all about, and a little bit of how it works then you will understand why it popped out. 

The NECK-PRO head restraint technology is a safety feature available on some Mercedes Benz models. This kind of headrest is designed to cradle the neck and head in the event of a head-on or rear-end collision. This can help to minimise neck injuries due to whiplash when a person moves forward and backwards suddenly.

The NECK-PRO headrest system works with computers to detect imminent collision and the severity of that impact. After deployment, the NECK-PRO headrest is supposed to be refitted following a procedure to lower it and tuck it back into its harnessing clamps using a special tool. 

The NECK-PRO headrests may deploy if the system thinks you are in a collision. This could be due to a rear or forward bump in traffic or because of an aggressive driving style on a bad road. A computer diagnosis of the safety system can help rule out a faulty release solenoid.