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Is this job worth it?

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Caroline Mboijana, Managing Director, The Leadership Team (U). 

Dear Caroline, I recently got a promotion, and the new role is broader and elevates me to management level. I had been demotivated on the job for a while because of stagnation, so it was exciting to see my efforts over the years rewarded. One thing though, the new role does not come with extra pay or any other benefits. This took me aback as the new role means a heavier workload with a much bigger team to supervise. My current pay is not satisfactory as my responsibilities have grown and I was hoping to find fulfilment with the new role. How do I deal with this, as I feel I will not give it my best if I take on the role?


Dear Joe, congratulations on the promotion and the exciting new role that has come your way. I am glad to hear that you have moved out of the stagnation mode and are now in a space where you will grow.

I hear the concern around the issue of pay, and you are correct because  reward and remuneration are critical aspects of motivation, but they should not be the focus. This is not to say it is not important rather we can think about the opportunity differently. I would encourage you to first step back and think about what you think you deserve, how much would you value your talent and monetise it. Then, ask the HR team to share with you where the role sits in the salary structure so you can see how close or far your desired wish is in reality. I also advise that you think about the long term, i.e negotiate in your contract to have a clause that will review your remuneration after a six-month period based on your performance, and then also negotiate for the performance bonus structure that then allows you to have a bonus that speaks to the “gap” that you have identified. Please be mindful that you must deliver if you go down this route. So the onus is then on you.

The above speaks to pay, which seems to be your major concern. I would also like you to consider this as an opportunity for growth. As you think about the role it is important that apart from money you also think about your career.  Money will certainly be an important motivator but what about your career? As you decide, think about the opportunities this role will give you or open up for you from a long-term perspective. This is also an opportunity for you to think about your long-term goals and ambitions and how this role fits within your career journey. Certainly, you will be exposed to new professional networks, learn from others and will be pushed to be successful. 

Money is important but it is short-term, it will certainly allow you to do a lot and then once that is done then what? Think about this move from a broader perspective and the critical question is how this role fits with your personal vision, mission, and goals. Good luck.

Caroline Mboijana, Managing Director, The Leadership Team (U)