Easy mango smoothie

Maria Murore

This smoothie is rich, thick, delicious and can be taken as quick refreshment or served as a dessert.
It is easy to prepare and can be whipped up in three easy steps. It is best to prepare this smoothie just before serving so that it stays nice and thick.

6 large, firm, ripe mangoes
1 cup (about ½ litre) sweetened condensed milk
2-3 tsp sugar or to taste
6 cups ice
You will need
A blender or food processor
2 -3 ice trays

1.First prepare the ice cubes, preferably a day before. To do this use as many ice trays as possible to make enough ice cubes to fill six 250ml cups or three ½ litre mugs. Once the ice cubes have formed empty them into the mugs and keep them in the freezer so that they stay solid. Place the cups on a flat metal saucepan lid in the freezer, so that they are easy to remove later.

2.Wash and peel the mangoes. Remove the flesh from the seeds of two mangoes. Chop into small cubes and put aside. Remove the flesh from the seeds of the remaining four mangoes and chop into large chunks.
3.Put the mango chunks from the four mangoes, condensed milk and ice
cubes in a blender or food processor and pulse until everything including
the ice is crushed into a puree.

4.Pour into a large bowl and add sugar to your taste. Add the mango cubes from the two mangoes you had put aside into the mixture and carefully stir with a spoon, so as not to break them up.
5. Use a large soup ladle to pour the mango mixture into dessert or wine glasses, making sure the mango cubes are evenly distributed. Place the glasses on saucers with teaspoons and serve immediately.