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A Bridgerton affair in Kampala

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Lucy Bunyenyezi in Beryl Qouture

Dearest gentle reader, it was with great honour and anticipation that I attended the “Bridgerton Dinner Party” held last week at Bougainviller Hotel in Bugolobi.

The ladies of the soirée, on the invitation of Lady Lucy Bunyenyezi, descended upon the venue, transforming the evening into a spectacular display of Victorian elegance and grace. Their attire, reminiscent of the Regency period, captured the essence of the Bridgerton series, making it the highlight of the affair.

This enchanting event, organised by Forking Around Kampala in partnership with Tanqueray Gin, celebrated the latest season of Bridgerton, a Netflix TV show. It is safe to say the attendees embraced the spirit of the occasion, bringing forth their exquisite frocks and accessories, each outfit more dazzling than the last.

In the sea of ensembles, a few diamonds shone exceptionally bright, capturing the attention of this writer. The evening was not just about fashion, but about embodying the charm and sophistication that the Bridgerton series epitomises.

These are some of our favourite looks from this affair.

Lucy Bunyenyezi in Beryl Qouture
The hostess was a vision of Victorian elegance in her lilac frock designed by Anita Beryl. The exquisite frock featured intricate details, including a printed corset that elegantly cinched her waist and a cropped jacket adorned with a high collar, adding a touch of royalty. Her best accessories were a dazzling array of diamonds and a delicate parasol, doubtlessly making her the diamond of the season.

Rebecca Nanjengo
Known for her keen fashion sense, Rebecca entrusted stylist Cate Ayella to create for her a plaid-printed look for the affair. The ensemble’s centrepiece was a striking plaid coat, which she paired beautifully with a classic black full skirt. A chic hat, elegant gloves, and a gleaming gold clutch completed her look and much-deserved fashion moment that was both timeless and on-trend.

Estella Katukunda in Hers Ug
She embodied grace and poise in a captivating green number by Hers Ug. The puffed sleeves and a corseted top on her dress created a flattering silhouette that was historically accurate. Her carefully selected accessories, including a tiara and a choker necklace, seamlessly complemented her outfit, ensuring she exuded Victorian charm from head to toe.

Isabella Mutsi in Hers Ug
Isabella Mutsi made a striking statement with her all-black ensemble, a choice that never fails to impress. Her velvet gown was a standout piece, with a carefully ruffled skirt and a diamond waist detail that added a touch of sparkle. The addition of elegant gloves completed her look, making it a perfect nod to Victorian fashion and on theme for the event.

Tina Kabazaire in SKP Clothing
Winning the best dressed of the night was Tina Kabazaire in her stunning orange frock by Designer Sheba Kassami. The gown featured intricate rosette detailing that added a unique texture and visual interest. Accentuated with a pair of pristine white gloves and a tiara, Tina’s look was the epitome of a perfect debutante, capturing the essence of elegance and sophistication with effortless grace.