Editor Kasangaki sensitises  community members about HIV in Kibimba Cell, Fort Portal City. PHOTOS/ALEX ASHABA


Kasangaki on frontline to curb HIV spread

What you need to know:

Against all odds. Editor  Kasangaki was raped and she contracted HIV at the age of 10. This did not put her down but rather gave her reason to move on and help others. At the peak of Covid-19 during the lockdown, Kasangaki was occupied with doing door to door deliveries of ARVs to ensure that patients continue taking their medication, writes Alex Ashaba

I first met Editor Kasangaki on September 6, 2018 while she addressed members of Tooro Kingdom Orukurato. Kasangaki had gone to sensitise them about fighting HIV/Aids.
Silence engulfed the council hall when Kasangaki disclosed how she contracted the virus in 1998. She was only 10 years old.
 “One evening I was from school and my mother asked me to return our goats  from a nearby farm. While there, a man in army fatigue approached me looking like he had come to help. He instead grabbed me and raped me,” Kasangaki recalls, adding that being a young girl from a family characterised by domestic violence she feared to disclose it to her parents.
Because of pain in her private parts, she spent five days at home until she opened up to her mother. 


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