Today is a masterpiece, make it count

Author: Rosette Wamambe. PHOTO/COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • As the masterpiece that it is, we will always be ready for the leadership opportunities.

I looked up the definition of the word masterpiece and I love this one: “A work of outstanding artistry skill or workmanship”. As I do a quick reflection on what a new day is I’m confident that this is what each new day is for us all. 

Each day we awake to the rising of the sun and although some may have better views than others, what we have in common is that each day, the creator of the world gives each of us 24 hours or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds.

Last week, we learnt that in order to be more effective leaders, we need to do the work to enable us blow off the leadership lids, be they external or internal that hinder us from soaring. I hope you took the time to do the homework and have clearly identified the lids that may be limiting you. 

This week, begin the journey to discover how to ensure that the lids we have blown off never return to hold us hostage. 

In his book Today Matters, John Maxwell takes his readers through 12 daily practices they can use to guarantee tomorrow’s success. 

He reminds them that, “The secret of their success is found in their daily agenda. If they make a few key decisions and manage them well in their daily agenda, they will succeed”. 

Ralph Marson also adds to this wisdom and cautions that, “what we do today can improve all our tomorrows”.
You see, the way we live our today greatly impacts on our tomorrows. As leaders, once we have identified the work required from us, the next step is for us to create a plan of action or strategy to guide our daily steps as this is what will move the needle and help us become the leaders we desire to be. 

I love this quote: “Enjoy today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised”. 

It follows, therefore, that as we invest in our today, we will then be able to enjoy and reap the fruits of our work in our tomorrow.

What I know for sure is that recognising that today is a master pierce and making it count calls for being intentional. 

It requires that we lead our lives with a daily agenda instead of just accepting what the day brings our way. It also calls for being proactive instead of being reactive. 

This is because proactivity has many benefits which include increasing our efficiency, generating better results which in the long run will build our confidence as leaders.

One of my favourite quotes from John Wooden, who was a legendary American basketball coach, is “when opportunity knocks it is too late to prepare”. 

As long as we always treat today as the masterpiece that it is, we will always be ready for the leadership opportunities that come our way. 

Making today count will require that we are there for ourselves first by making commitments to make the best use of the day before us.

In view of this, this week let us take time to reflect and make commitments by doing the following:
1. Having identified the leadership lids you need to lift in your life and become a better leader, draw up a strategy/plan of action that will guide your daily steps.

Rosette Wamambe is a transformational leadership coach with the Maxwell Certified Leadership Team    [email protected]