Body parts you are not cleaning enough

What you need to know:

  • It is important to diligently clean every part of your body, even those that are far to reach like the back and those that are not easily seen like the navel for optimal personal hygiene.

When perpetually running late, many people just jump in the shower room for a quick bath leaving several body parts not washed well enough. While it may be fine to take a shower fast, it is also advised to take a few extra minutes to wash up the ignored corners on your body that might lead to body infections and bad odor because dirt may build up in any part of your body.

The navel
The navel is one of the most overlooked areas on the body and an unwashed yet it is known for collecting dirt. Sarah Kamigisa, an attendant at Bugolobi medical center says the navel is a dip in the middle of the belly but if not washed acts as a trap for sweat, dirt and water. If not properly cleaned, the navel can produce a bad odor when touched and dirt black gunk that smells will fall out.
`` The navel can be cleaned either during bath with the help of a soft sponge or after bath using warm soapy water and a clean piece of cloth to gently clean just inside the navel without hurting yourself. Thereafter, dry with a towel to make sure all water is removed,” Kamigisa explains
When bacteria is allowed to breed around the naval, one is most likely to get infections

Behind the ears
Kemigisa continues to say, for fear of wetting their hair, many women forgot how important it is to clean behind their ears and when you try rubbing your finger around this place, you will realise a lot of dirt buildup. However, this does not exclude men.
You might not think about it often, but washing behind your ears is as important as cleaning your face.
``Just because the back of your ears is hidden and no one has time to look at it, does not stop bacteria from collecting there. You will notice that due to poor hygiene, some people develop itchy sores at the back of their ears, though it is commonly found in children,” Kamigisa explains.
However, one can use a small wet towel and pass it in and out of the ears, making sure they are clean.

The tongue
When you talk about brushing, the first thing one will think of is the teeth, forgetting that the tongue is part of what must be brushed.
Allan Akankwase of Uganda Dentist Association says ``The tongue absorbs everything you put in the mouth and not cleaning it well will result in bad breath,”
Besides that, it is not dirty teeth that cause a bad breath but the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue.
He says, when brushing, make sure you scrub off the white coating from your tongue using a toothbrush or a tongue scraper. Even in a rush, just take a fwwew minutes to brush your tongue as well.

The head
Ruth Nakaayi, a beautician at Beauty talk saloon, Bakuli says, 90 percent of the women keep long hair, mostly brides yet a good number go for months without washing their heads and scalp and a few that do, only wash the hair but not the scalp.
You might not realize that you are neglecting the scalp until it becomes itchy and flacky.
`` As you are bathing, do not just put soap or shampoo on your hair and rinse. It would be proper if you find a soft brush and gently scrub the scalp or use your fingers,” Nakaayi explains

Between the toes
After a day’s long work, toes collect dirt yet others that are enclosed in shoes all day, attracting sweat. However, most people pay little or no attention to them.
Kamigisa says, if not washed and cleaned well, you will start experiencing fungal infections between the toes. After washing, you need to dry them properly to avoid developing simple painful cuttings which will later give off a bad odor.
As you carry a scrubbing brush for your nails to the bathroom, also remember to use your sponge to scrub in between your toes and a towel to dry them.