Man stabs 18-year-old girlfriend to death after she refused to abort

Residents of Bukwali village in East Division Fort Portal town standing at the scene of crime on Thursday. PHOTO BY ALEX ASHABA

Police in Fort Portal municipality, western Uganda are investigating circumstances under which an expectant mother was allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend after failing to carry out an abortion.

Police identified the victim as Brendah Atuhaire, 18, whose body was found in the house lying in a pool of blood with a knife next to her.

According to residents of Bukwali village, East Division where the incident happened on Thursday, the couple has had several fights as a result of misunderstandings since the virus-induced lockdown was announced by the president. Neighbors say their misunderstandings had always resulted from the man’s failure to provide basic needs for his family. They say he had been asking his wife to return to her parents until the lockdown is eased but in vain.

The Rwenzori West Police spokesperson, Mr Vincent Twesige said the suspect was found trying to commit suicide. He has been admitted to Fort Portal regional referral hospital.

“I appeal to the members of the community not to use excessive force while solving marital problems. Instead, they need to report to the village chairperson and police to solve their misunderstandings. The suspect after getting treatment will be taken to court and charged accordingly,” Mr Twesige said.

In an interview with the suspect, he said he had advised Atuhaire to abort a three-month-old pregnancy but she refused resulting into a scuffle that caused her death.

The village chairman, Mr Ismail Kaganda, says as a result of the lockdown, many people including couples in his area have resorted to the use of narcotics, which he believes could have been partly the cause of the fight that ended with Atuhaire’s death.

“In a period of two months, we have lost four people in our village of which two people committed suicide while others were stabbed. We want police and other stakeholders to come on ground during this period of lockdown and sensitize people because there are many cases of domestic violence,” Kaganda said.