What boda boda operators, passengers should expect as business resumes tomorrow

Sunday July 26 2020

In this file photo, boda boda operators are seen carrying passengers. A set of SOPs for all the boda boda operators nationwide have been issued by Government through Ministry of Works and Transport and Ministry of Security as business resumes on July 27, 2020

While addressing Ugandans recently, President Museveni said boda boda’s would resume business tomorrow (July 27) in compliance with the government Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to control the spread of Coronavirus in Uganda.
As a result, a set of SOPs for all the boda boda operators nationwide have been issued by Government through Ministry of Works and Transport and Ministry of Security.

According to the Minister for Kampala Affairs, cabinet approved boda boda Free Zone where all boda bodas are prohibited from entering/accessing.
“All boda bodas must follow and comply with cabinet directives on the reforms to streamline and regulate the operations of motorcycles in the city,” she said.
She said all boda bodas must operate at gazetted boda boda stages.
The list of these stages and maps can be obtained from KCCA website or Ward Administrators at every KCCA Division.
“Each gazetted stage has a unique reference code and this will be its name,” she said.

Additionally, all boda boda operators must be registered at any of the gazetted stages which shall be their address to enable contact tracing in case of Covid-19 infection.
All boda boda App companies and associations are required to share the register of all their members. However, all boda bodas who do not operate or belong to any App Company/association shall register with KCCA through their stage leadership.

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“No boda boda operator shall pay any fees to anybody to register on any gazetted stage of choice. Anybody soliciting a bribe should be reported to the relevant authorities,” the minister said.

The Boda Boda Free Zone will run along the following boundaries; Wampewo Roundabout- Jinja Road to Kitgum House junction – Access Road – Mukwano Road to Clock Tower –Kafumbe Mukasa Road –Kisenyi Road –Mackay Road- Kyaggwe Road- Watoto Church-Bombo Road – Wandegeya – Hajji Musa Kasule Road- Mulago roundabout- Kamwokya junction – Sturrock Road – Prince Charles Drive- Lugogo Bypass–Jinja Road- Wampewo Roundabout.

“KCCA is procuring boda boda stage signs to mark the gazetted stages permanently and Traffic signs to demarcate the boda boda free zone as approved by cabinet. All boda boda operators must comply with all the directives and strictly follow SOPs as issued by government,” the minister’s statement adds.
During the recent address, the president said all passengers would be required to wear a facemask while the rider would be required to keep records of all their clients. The records include phone contacts and residences. The rider will also be required to sanitize the seat before taking another passenger and must have temperature monitors preferably at boda stages.