The most heroic act my partner ever performed 

Simon and gloria Mugisha

What you need to know:

  • Violet says Hamza has been the most supportive, especially during her pregnancies because of the tough experiences and this support continued after the birth of their children.

Simon and Gloria Mugisha 
“The day my husband decided to get married and have a family, it takes so much bravery to go for the unknown and do it excellently,” Gloria says.

She adds that fulfilling his responsibilities as a husband and father every day makes him a superhero.

Her husband Simon, says the strength Gloria exhibited while giving birth to their child is heroic. He adds: “The way she seamlessly takes care of us with the many demands takes heroic courage.” 

Daniella and Mark Ernest Gulume 

Daniella says Mark is always quick and willing to put himself on the frontline to protect and defend her from any form of harm and criticism.

“It is always a quick reminder to me that no matter the circumstance Mark will put himself on the line for me if the need arises,” she explains.

Meanwhile, Mark says: “The statement ‘we against the world’ now makes more sense. With her, even when everyone is against my decisions she has always supported me morally, emotionally and financially.” 

He recalls an incident when he missed his flight and was limited by his finances Daniella sponsored him to continue with his journey, yet she was not working then.

“It could have been the only funds she had at the time,”he recalls.

Joseph and Crystal Bazirake 
“My husband stayed by my side as I was being delivered of our child. He held my hand, played comforting music and did everything he could to take me through the process,” Crystal says.

She adds that they joke about how he became part of the medical team helping to raise and lower the bed when needed.

“Also, despite Joseph’s busy schedule, he spends time with our beautiful daughter daily. He is a hero husband and father,” she notes.

As for Joseph, the most heroic act Crystal has done is establishing and successfully running a business in her niche of trade book publishing.

“Witnessing her unwavering determination in the face of numerous challenges and seeing her not only persevere, but also grow and mentor a dedicated team has been truly inspiring,” he explains.

He adds that her steadfast commitment and leadership in such a specialised field exemplify true heroism.

Marion Violet and  Hamza Ndiwalana 
“Viola’s pregnancies are tough, but she endured through the nine months for both children,” Hamza says.

He adds that she is committed to being a wonderful mother.

“I consider this a heroic act because there are individuals who do not want to bear children because of what it does to their physique and the responsibility it comes with,” he explains.

Violet says Hamza has been the most supportive, especially during her pregnancies because of the tough experiences and this support continued after the birth of their children.

“When I had our firstborn born, he was admitted on his second day and Hamza never left our side. We were hospitalised for one week and he spent all those nights with us in the hospital,” she recalls.

She adds that he continues to support the night routines for the children without waking her up.

“He is always present concerning our children, consciously stands in the gap for me in more ways than I could ever imagine. I am very grateful to God for him,” she says.

Peter Emmy and Norah Lydia Omiat 
“During the Covid-19 Lockdown, Peter rode a bicycle from Namugongo to Seguku to visit me. I found that so heroic,” Norah says.

She adds that Peter travelled to spend time with her on her birthday during her internship in Gulu. 

“He took a bus in the middle of the night and arrived on my birthday, spent the day with me and returned to Kampala after that,” she recalls.

Peter recollects: “When we got married I did not have a stable source of income. Norah brought her salary and we used it to run our family.”

“She supported the family for some time until I got back on my feet.” 

Peter adds that Norah’s bravery during the birth of their two sons was heroic.

“She did not opt for Caesarean Section although our sons were born within a period of one year,” he says.

He explains that it was a miracle from God that their second son was able to be born because of the complications they had.

“Despite the complications, Norah had faith that she could give birth naturally. Her faith was heroic in that season,” he explains, adding: “Norah wakes up early, serves us breakfast, and makes sure the children are prepared. I thank God for her and I hit the jackpot with her.”