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Why women get excited after drinking liquor

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The dating world would be distinctly boring without alcohol. Something beautiful happens when you take your girl out and finally, the waiter places a bottle of wine between the two of you and pours some of it into her long glass, before he rushes to bring you a cold beer. You may have had the best food prior to the drink, but the moment alcohol arrives, the real date starts.

Alcohol takes the edge off and makes conversation real and raw. Your jokes roll better off your tongue and her laughter stops being so inhibited. It becomes full-throated.

Alcohol is arguably the greatest spice of life. In proper amounts, it makes life so much better, which may explain why drunk people tend to be bubbly and cheerful (if you cut out all the nonsense).

But that does not explain why women tend to get sexually aroused after drinking alcohol. Granted, not all women react to drinking this way, but we all know that a great number of women tend to get pretty randy after two or three drinks. It really makes me wonder whether or not alcohol an aphrodisiac to women. 

A colleague (hi Esther Nakalya) once asked why alcohol causes some women’s libido to heighten. She wondered what it does to their bodies.

She also swore this had nothing to do with her. I am not a woman, but I know from experience that she was onto something. So as a responsible friend, I went reading all over the Internet, for curiosity’s sake.

Increased testosterone

Acording to science, drinking alcohol increases testosterone levels in females. Ironically, testosterone is a male sex hormone that controls sexual desire in men. (Who knew that women also produce testosterone? For crying out loud, it is the male sex hormone, the one chemical that makes us who we are.)

As it turns out, women also produce some testosterone because they need it to control bone mass, repair of reproductive tissues and other functions.

And according to studies, alcohol causes an increased production of testosterone in women, causing them to become men, temporarily. By making them hornier than sober women.

A tiny spike in testosterone and women become something else. Now imagine us poor men who have suffered the effects of this major hormone every single day since we turned 13. And by the way, you know we wake up like this every day? Not our fault. It is not like we woke up with some beautiful girl on our mind. Nothing. Just testosterone. Kwegamba, every day is a struggle.

Women feel sexier drunk

Back to regular reporting, in many studies, more than 60 percent of women claim that alcohol enhances their enjoyment of sex. Women do not just report higher sexual desire when drinking, studies have found that they tend to feel sexier and more confident when they drink, causing them to be more welcoming to sexual overtures from men.

Interestingly, some sources show that while alcohol may make women think they are horny, when it comes down to the smooching, the body is not that into it. They are aroused in thought, but not in body.  Ironic, right?

Drunkenness feels like arousal

You know how your heart rate goes up and you start to feel warmer when you drink? When this happens to men, studies have found, it makes them feel stronger and formidable, which might explain why men are more likely to take on crazy fighting challenges when they are drunk.

On the other hand, studies have found that women often mistake these fuzzy drunken feelings as affection or emotional connection or sexual arousal, making them think they are horny. Because, you know, they are all high.

In actual sense, they are just happy from the drinking, not horny. In short, it is more to do with the psychological belief than the physical effect on the body. Kinda like a placebo; what you expect is not what you get.

Harder to orgasm

Experts say women may take longer to climax or completely fail because, as it turns out, alcohol interferes with blood flow to the extremities, resulting into friction and discomfort.

Normal, non-alcoholic arousal increases blood flow to the vagina, causing it to self-lubricate. Drunken arousal tends to just be sexual feelings minus the automatic physiological steps that prepare the body for sex.

So, experts advise women to stop the alcohol when they start feeling tipsy, if they want to have a great experience later.

So is alcohol a love portion?

Well, as life goes, all human connections are based on the vibes you give each other. And alcohol tends to make both your vibes meet and synchronize. It creates great moments, people get familiar with each other, they laugh, they tap each other on the shoulders, they loosen up and they become horny.

All these are possibilities that alcohol creates much more easily than sharing a rolex, for instance. Does that make it a love portion? Love portion experts should weigh in, I guess.