Ebola: Museveni stops movement of log trucks in Mubende, Kassanda

President Museveni. PHOTO/PPU

What you need to know:

  • Truck drivers are accused of illegally carrying passengers.

President Museveni has prohibited the movements of trucks carrying logs and timber from and out of districts of Mubende and Kassanda for 21 days in an effort to contain the export of the Ebola virus to the city centre. 

This followed cases in which truck drivers carried people from the two districts to escape from the restricted areas. 

One truck driver was found positive for Ebola in Busega in Kampala City after his trip from Mubende District. 
“All trucks carrying logs are restricted from travelling into and out of Kassanda and Mubende for 21 days with immediate effect,” President Museveni announced in a public address yesterday. 
Ebola was detected in Madudu, Mubende District in August. 

At least 141 people have contracted the Ebola virus and 55 have died. At least 73 people have recovered while 13 are still admitted in several health facilities.

On October 15, President Museveni imposed a lockdown on districts of Mubende and Kassanda to prevent the spread of the virus to different parts of the country. The president imposed restrictions on public transport, but allowed those carrying goods to travel.

President Museveni yesterday said some boda boda riders and truck drivers, who were allowed to operate, are now flaunting the health guidelines instituted to stop the spread of the virus. 

“They shouldn’t receive clients. All the boda boda riders must stop the practice of passenger relay systems immediately. Should they continue, I will stop their movements,” he said. 

The riders were only allowed to carry cargo within the two districts. Many riders earlier told Daily Monitor that they were carrying passengers to get money to fend for their families since the lockdown found them without basic needs.

President Museveni said traditional healers were still receiving patients, leading to the spread of the virus.
“Kassanda District has four major challenges. These are the passenger relay systems by boda bodas. Similar to what is happening in Mubende. Frequent visit to traditional healers, myth and misinformation, escape of Ebola contacts using timber and logs trucks, which expose drivers and turn boys to infection,” he said. 

He added: “Those who say that they are going to pray for you, they will not heal you. There is no prayer that will heal Ebola. The answer is to use the medicine that God created for us because whatever problem there is, God put an antidote to it. Fire is extinguished by water. None of those were created by me. My work is to use what God created to solve emerging problems.”

He said local leaders and officials from the Ministry of Health should intensify sensitisation programmes in the two districts, especially among boda boda cyclists. 

The President also said traditional healers and witch doctors are prohibited from carrying out the activities during this Ebola outbreak. 


The President said the progress to curb Ebola virus in Kassanda has been slow and attributed it to lack of cooperation among political leaders, belief in witchcraft and boda boda cyclists carrying passengers. 

He added that Ebola is much easier to deal with unlike Coronavirus or Aids if people change their behaviour. 
“The main solution here [for Ebola] is behavioural change, people to listen. That’s all because it does not spread through the air like corona and is not like Aids which can hide before it shows itself,” he said, adding:

“Apparently, this one [Ebola] when you start getting symptoms, that is when it starts infecting. So, if people had listened and just stayed, it would have been over in three weeks, but [we] failed to listen.”

In addition, the President emphasised the need for patients to seek proper treatment from health facilities rather than witch doctors and individuals who pray for the sick.