Kampala school cancels parents meeting after teacher dies during childbirth

United Nations report indicates that a woman dies every two minutes due to pregnancy or childbirth complications globally. PHOTO | GETTY IMAGE

What you need to know:

  • Head teacher John Bosco Mutebi announced the sad news on Friday, saying, "We are deeply saddened by the loss of teacher Irene Namulondo. She will be dearly missed."

Silver Spoon Nursery and Primary School in Kibuli, Kampala is mourning the sudden loss of teacher Irene Namulondo, who passed away on June 14 while giving birth to her second child at Nsambya Hospital.

The school Head teacher, Mr John Bosco Mutebi, announced o June 14 saying; "We are deeply saddened by the loss of teacher Irene Namulondo. She will be dearly missed."

In her honour, the school rescheduled all June 15 activities including Saturday clubs, catechism classes, and a parents' meeting.

Pupils, staff, and parents are in shock, remembering Namulondo as a soft-spoken and caring teacher who headed the school's sports department.

"She was loved by all the children, and her presence will be deeply missed," Ms Salome Alweny, a parent  at the school said.

Ms Clare Kanyunyuzi, school bursar was devastated by the loss.  "What is life? She couldn't even look after her baby girl?"

Ms Namulondo's last message to pupils and parents was a post on the school's WhatsApp group earlier this week, reminding them about swimming activities.

"It is swimming for all children as long as your child doesn't have any health issues," she posted in the group.

All the children at school knew her because of coordinating their favourite sports activities in and outside the school.

Mr Mutebi said burial arrangements will be communicated upon receiving details from the deceased's family.

According to the Ministry of Health, most maternal deaths in Uganda are preventable, caused by excessive bleeding, infections, and blood pressure complications.

The 2022 Demographic and Health Survey reported a maternal mortality ratio of 189 per 100,000 live births.

The school community is awaiting burial arrangements, and the headteacher has urged everyone to support the deceased's family during this difficult time.

As the World Health Organisation emphasizes, timely care by skilled professionals can save lives, and this tragic loss serves as a reminder of the importance of quality healthcare for mothers and newborns.