Men accused of killing Ugandans

What you need to know:

  • No conviction. It is almost seven years since the spate of killings started in 2012. Although hundreds have been arrested, none has been convicted.

Kampala. Killings, especially by shooting, has been the biggest source of worry for many Ugandans in the recent past.
President Museveni has reacted by calling up the Reserve Force, vowing to deploy 24,000 men and women to counter killers in Kampala and neighbouring areas.
The killings by shooting in the scariest of fashions surged from 2012. The most common scenario is that gunmen riding motorcycles, covering their heads in hoods, waylay their victims and shoot them, often from their cars, in the full view of the public.
The assailants are often not in a hurry and only leave the scene after their job is done.
Another mode of killing that has recently thrown the country into panic is by individuals who abduct and all the known victims are women, and are sometimes first asked for money before they are killed.
It is almost seven years since the spate of killings started in 2012 with the killings of Muslim clerics.
Even with the dozens of killings and later, no one has been convicted for any of the killings.
This leaves the questions: Who is killing Ugandans and what is their motive?
In his address to the country last Saturday, the President said some 66 suspects have been arrested, many already charged in courts of law, over the killings.
The President did not provide a list of suspects but it would appear he was only referring to those arrested in relation to the shootings.
Our attempt to get the police to provide a list of the suspects was futile, with spokesperson Emilian Kayima saying he was yet to secure it from the Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Directorate (CIID).
But Saturday Monitor has compiled a list of more than 100 people that have been arrested and charged with various offences ranging from kidnap to murder that led to death during the period under review.
Some have been arraigned in court, but many have been arrested but were never taken through the formal court process. Many of those arrested over the killings have accused security agencies that handle them of torture.
In October last year court ordered the state to pay in excess of Shs1.8b or Shs80m to each of the 22 suspects arrested over the killing of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi and his assistants. The government has since appealed the ruling.


Ibrahim Abiriga - June 8, 2018
A 17-year-old boy who said he lost his phone at the scene of crime following Abiriga’s murder was arrested and held for about three months. He was released recently.
Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze was arrested after the death of former Arua Municipality MP Abiriga on allegations of offensive communication relating to his killing.
Police also opened up investigations against three other people believed to have incited or participated in the assassination of Mr Abiriga. They included Nasser Mugerwa, who sent out an audio recording claiming responsibility for Abiriga’s assassination, Jane Kuli, whose edited Facebook post on May 24, 2018, gave an impression that she had ‘foretold’ Abiriga would die in the first week of June, Peng Peng, a Ugandan based in Sweden who circulated a video that morning claiming that President Museveni and the NRM were behind the murder of Abiriga.

Andrew Felix Kaweesi and assistants - March 17, 2017
Most of those arrested over Kaweesi’s killing have since been released on bail. They appeared in court with festering wounds, alleging that they were tortured in detention with the view of forcing them to confess to a crime they say they did not commit. Court awarded them Shs80m each over the torture.
They include Ahmed Shaban Ssenfuka, Umar Maganda, Sheikh Musa Ntende, Hassan Tumusiime, Ibrahim Kissa, Hamid Magambo, Abdul-Majid Ojerere, Sauda Ayub, Osman Mohamed Omarite, Asuman Mugoya, Ibrahim Ssemwanga alias superman, Swaleh Ddamulira, Abdul-Rashid Mbaziira, Aramanzani Noordin Higenyi alias Taata Abdullazack, Yusuf Mugerwa alias Wilson, Bruhan Balyejusa, alias Jimmy Masiga Ogutu, Joshua Magezi Kyambadde, alias Abdu Rahman, Jibril Kalyango alias Abu Aisha, Yusuf Siraje Nyanzi, alias Jimmy Ssentamu, Shafik Kasujja, Abudallah Khala, alias Hibwangi Sinania and Ali Mugoya.

Susan Magara - February 27, 2018

At least 10 people have so far been charged with taking part in her killing. They are Mahad Kasalita, Yusuf Lubega, Hussein Wasswa, Muzamiru Ssali, Hajara Nakandi, Abubaker Kyewolwa, Hassan Kato Miiro, Ismail Bukenya, Musa Abbas Buvumbo and Patrick Kasaija.
Penina Kobusingye (student at Makerere University) - February 2014
Jovan Magooma was arrested and charged with among other things murder and rape.
Desire Mirembe (Makerere University student) - July, 2015
Mathew Kirabo, a fourth year medical student at Makerere University, was arrested and charged with her murder in August 2015.
Allen Ampumuza - May, 2017
No reported suspects
Faith Komugisha, alias Jamilah - June 19, 2017
Her husband, Godfrey Nsubuga and others were arrested. Their fate is unknown.
Rose Nakimuli - July24, 2017
Three people including Ivan Katongole and “others at large” were charged with her murder. The others are Andrew Kizito and Hellen Nabagala.
Sarah Nakajjo Nakintu - August 11, 2017
John Bwanika Salongo, Jonathan Kibirango, Richard Kasozi, Muhammad Sangayo, Godfrey Mayanja and Yiga Baligyera were charged with her murder. They deny the charges.
Hellen Ayebazibwe - June 22, 2017
Two unidentified people were reportedly arrested in connection with her killing but police has never publicly provided their details, if they exist.

Norah Wanyana - July 20, 2017
Brothers, Ibrahim Jjingo and Muhammad Ssebaduka (a minor at the time) were arrested and incarcerated for more than a year. Police said they had confessed but when Saturday Monitor interviewed them after their release, they detailed how police framed and then tortured them in an attempt to get them to confess to the crime they say they didn’t commit.


Regina Zawedde - August 15, 2017
Alfred Ssenoga, a nephew of the deceased was arrested from Mpigi by the police Flying Squad on allegations that he murdered Zawedde on August 17, in Bulaga Buloba.
Namuwonge Jennifer - August 16, 2017
Police arrested Jonathan Mazuka and his wife Justine Mpamurungi for their alleged role in the killing.


On September 13, the Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Mario Obiga Kania, told Parliament that authorities had not made any arrests regarding the duo’s killing but that they were questioning a number of suspects.
Three days earlier, on September 10, UPDF soldiers had arrested a man from Kirumira’s home and reportedly taken him in for questioning on suspicion that he knew something about his assassination.
The suspect was arrested on Monday night as he attempted to flee after Kirumira’s family members became suspicious and asked to know his details, because he kept close tabs on them yet he was a stranger.


Joan Kagezi - March 30, 2015
No suspects. President Museveni said in his address on Saturday that the suspect is known to security agencies but he fled the country.
Rehema Nassali (Buganda Road Primary Sch pupil) - April 29, 2015
Suspects or killers in the gruesome murder of the then 14-year-old pupil at Buganda Road Primary School were never apprehended. There is no record to suggest police arrested any suspects in connection with the killing.
Emily Akite [Second year student of Business Administration at Makerere University Business School Suspects arrested, if any, unknown to this newspaper despite her alleged killer, using the victim’s phone, to try and extort money from the family and even threatening to kill another member of Akite’s family.
Aisha Nakasinde - August 17, 2017
No suspect is known to have been arrested or charged with her killing.
Jenifer Namwanje - August 17, 2017
Suspects unknown
Nalule Jalia - August 28, 2017
Suspects unknown
Beatrice Mudondo (Makerere University student) - May 15, 2015
Killers or suspects unknown.