Muslims raise money to relocate pork joints

A police officer watches a Muslim cleric whose group failed to disrupt Idd prayers in Kamuli town on Sunday.

Kamuli- A section of Muslims in Kamuli District have raised Shs16 million to acquire a piece land that is a hub of several businesses including pork joints.

This was during Idd prayers at their new site in the Municipal council on Sunday.

The planned site will house a mosque, a nursing and a primary school as well as a commercial building.

Kamuli Municipality MP, Hajat Rehema Watongola contributed Shs10 million in a fundraising drive aimed at compensating residents who run pork businesses on the land.

“As Muslims, we need to work as a team and ensure that Islam is well projected and support our causes. I commit Shs10 million to chase away the pig businesses,” Ms Watongola said.

Sheikh Haikal Abed the District Imam said the pork joints are an eye sore and cannot be close to their projects.

He said it is prudent to compensate pork business owners and relocate them elsewhere.

Kamuli District Khadhi Sheikh Ismail Kazibwe asked Muslims to unite and support each other by avoiding unnecessary divisions.