NUP releases its list of 243 missing Ugandans

A woman holds a photo her missing loved one during prayers for the missing persons at former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi’s home in Magere, Wakiso District on  February 26.PHOTO/MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI.  

What you need to know:

  • A week ago, senior police officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is both sensitive and politicised, told this newspaper that the Force declined to publicise the list of incarcerated individuals because the military failed to turn over the suspects to them.

At least 458 Ugandans are missing from their families and their whereabouts remained unknown, according to records provided by the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party.
A copy of a list of missing persons prepared by NUP, which this publication has seen, however contains names of only 243 people.

Party officials who spoke to this newspaper on condition of anonymity owing to sensitivity of the matter, last evening said the number of victims they had registered by last Friday was nearly double the original figure as more relatives filed complaints.

NUP began registering people who have disappeared, most of them its supporters, last November upon petitions by families following the two-day protests in that month when security forces shot dead 54 civilians.
President Museveni, who acknowledged the killings sparked off by the arrest of the then presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, said in a televised address that most of those who died were “rioters” and terrorists”.
Following the bloody incidents, several parents then approached the party to establish the whereabouts of their loved ones, prompting officials to open a register of missing supporters.
NUP claims that security forces abducted the individuals.
We could not independently verify if all the people on the NUP list are missing, and if so, whether they are in custody of State security agencies.

Securing their release
“We want to push for the release of these people at all costs because they don’t have any case to answer. We have waited for the government to release the official list of the missing people but they are going around corners and we must take an initiative,” Mr David Lewis Rubongoya, the NUP secretary general, said yesterday.

The alleged disappearances of citizens, which Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga last month said mirrored the ‘dark days’ of past regimes, has raised concerns about the state of human security in the country, chipping away what the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has proclaimed for years as its gain.
President Museveni has since said the people presumed to have disappeared were alive and in custody of security forces, but his directive to have them released or charged in court has not been implement three weeks later.

Lt Col Deo Akiiki, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) deputy spokesperson, last evening said they had handed over the list of all the missing people to the Minister of Internal Affairs (Gen Jeje Odongo) to present it in Parliament as Speaker Rebecca Kadaga demanded last week.
“We don’t have anything to do with that matter anymore. As you have been told, the minister of Internal Affairs is to handle the matter. He will pronounce himself on the floor of Parliament, but I can’t tell when that will happen,” Lt Col Akiiki said.

A week ago, senior police officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is both sensitive and politicised, told this newspaper that the Force declined to publicise the list of incarcerated individuals because the military failed to turn over the suspects to them.
There were also concerns, one senior police officer said, that the suspects may be in questionable physical state or missing for which police could not take responsibility since it was not the arresting agency.

Mr Rubongoya said they intend to share its updated list of missing persons, alongside 25 new names of people who the party alleges were killed in the November 18-19 riot but were not among those officially acknowledged, to strengthen its petition to the Office of the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Human Rights in Kampala.

Ms Kadaga, on February 24, ordered the government to table the list of citizens it is holding incommunicado, but Gen Odongo was again a no-show in the House yesterday, prompting the Speaker to permit any MP with particulars of missing persons to produce them in Parliament.  
NUP last Friday held prayers for the missing people at its head offices in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb, and those already charged in court and remanded.

During the event, a number of parents and relatives of the abductees broke down and wailed before rolling cameras, pleading with the government to free their loved ones.
Mr Kateregga Mulangira, 80, alleged that security forces abducted his son Jeserwah Kyabaggu a month ago, and he has never been sighted again.

“I don’t know what I did to the government to deserve this kind of torture to my son. I am an old man now and I hope that those in authority will follow my tears to release my son,” he said.
Starting tomorrow, this newspaper will serialise tell-all tales by distraught families and relatives about missing members believed to be detained by security officials.  

List of some of the missing Ugandans 

Name                                                  District
Gertrude Kawooya                            Mpigi 
Abdul Rashid Nkinga                        Mpigi
Ronald Mugerwa                              Mpigi
Baker Kawooya                                 Mpigi
Victor Makenya                    Mpigi
Godfrey Kisembo aka Buyaaya     Mpigi
Emmanuel Bazira of     Mpigi
Fred Kijjambiu
Willy Bogere
Muhamad Ssekimpi
George Kasumba     Kyotera
Jon Bosco Sserunkuma     Wakiso
John Mary Birimuye     Masaka
Junior Kiberu     Mukono
Abdul Karim Muganga     Mukono
Ramadhan Kaweesa     Mityana
Ali Musisi     Mityana
Matiya Kibirige     Mityana
Yuda Ssempijja     Mukono
Sula Kiwanuka     Mukono
Joseph Kyakuwa     Mukono
Muhammad Nahiru     Mukono
Twaha Kagimu     Mukono
Isma Ssenkubuge     Mukono
Stephen Ntulume     Mukono
Muhammad Kanatta     Mukono
Gaza Kharim     Mukono
Muhammed Mutebi     Mukono
Musa Male     Mukono
Sowedi Lwanga     Mukono
Jolly Tukamushaba     Rukiga
Shafik Nyombi     Kyotera
Vincent Muwonge     Kyotera
John Kiwanuka     Kyotera
Farouk Mukapa     Kyotera
Javira Luyombya
Mahad Mukasa     Kyotera
Fahad Kasinga     Kyotera
Barrack Kyazze     Kyotera
Sulait Kyambadde     Kyotera
Emmanuel Ssegirinya     Kyotera
Ivan Kawenja     Kyotera
Frank Lusembo     Kyotera
Derrick Ssebugenyi     Kyotera
Mahad Kyakuwa     Kyotera
George Kasumba     Kyotera
Muhammad Maanya     Kampala
Joshua Muwanga     Kampala
Umar Wasswa     Kampala
Ramadhan Muyanga     Kampala
Brian Ainomugisha     Mbarara
Amos Tumwine     Mbarara
Joweria Kyanzi     Kampala
Charles Kyomuhendo     Kampala
Hassan Ssewankambo
Damian Kyagaba     Kampala
Yusuf Ssempebwa     Kampala
Alex Ssemogerere     Kampala
Jamilah Kansiime
Joel Tegulya Kyooma
Joseph Baguma     Kampala
Jamilu Wasika
Sharif Ntege     Kampala
Miggade Kassim     Entebbe
Ashraf Nsubuga     Wakiso
Muhammad SSekimpi     Mpigi
Hamidu Ssentumbwe     Mityana
Muhammad Katana
Akram Zziwa     Entebbe
Joseph Katongole     Mpigi
Umar Munaabi     Kampala
John Ddamulira     Kampala
Michael Ssemuddu
Cyrus Arinaitwe     Kampala
Christopher Bunjo     Kampala
Alex Kiyemba     Kampala
Julius Buwembo     Entebbe
Emmanuel Katongole     Wakiso
Tabule Ssekitoleko     Kampala
Asherure Raymond
James Katabazi     Entebbe
Daniel Kibuuka     Kampala
Ismail Kigozi     Kalungu
Sylvia Namazzi     Kalungu
Jack Tumwine     Ssembabule
Sharifah Nkalubo
John Baptist Kyazze     Kampala
Martin Ssemogerere     Kampala
Peter Matovu     Entebbe
Ian Enock Mutesasira
Jude Ssemanda
Shafiq Kakooza
Isaac Opiyo     Kampala
Mark Muwonge Kityo
Hanningon Kasirye
Kenneth Kusasira     Kampala
Evidence Agaba     Kampala
Martin Jomwe
Geofrey Alla Katumba     Entebbe
Emmanuel Mukasa     Entebbe
Dickens Omulongo Kato     Entebbe
Edward Sserukenya     Wakiso
Gordon Byenkya     Wakiso
Steven Mukasa     Kampala
Dan Kibuuka     Kampala
Vincent Kauki     Wakiso
Moses Kibirango     Entebbe
Sula Muguluma     Mukono
Pius Mwanje     Kampala
Nicholas Ssempala     Kampala
Jamada Mayega     Kampala
Timothy Muwonge     Kampala
Ivan Mukwana     Mbale
Ben Kuloba     Mbale
Abdul Masaba     Mbale
Eddy Kisasa     Mbale
Brian Makuvuya     Kampala
Ben Kuloba     Mbale
Fred Nkurunziza     Kyankwanzi
James Lubowa     Wakiso
Julius Kayiwa     Entebbe
Jamiru Kigozi     Entebbe
Shamim Majweega     Ssembabule
Sulaiman Kyambadde     Kyotera
Andrew Kiwanuka     Kyotera
Herbert Maganda     Kyotera
Richard Ssonko     Wakiso
Daudi Niwabiine     Kampala
Muhammad Ssemakula
Steven Lule     Wakiso
Obed Tugume     Kampala
Ashraf Kigozi     Kampala
Abdubaker Ashraf     Entebbe
Abdul Fatta
Nampewa Hafiswa
Davis Kabuye
Dickson Katamba
Deo Kamanya
Frank Nuwaba     Wakiso
Junior Mujirizi     Kampala
Francis Jimmy Nsubuga     Kampala
Ibrahim Kakembo     Kampala
Fredrick Kisawuzi     Mukono
Tom Ddumba     Mukono
Ibrahim Jamwa     Kampala
Ronald Higenyi     Wakiso
Bob Franscis Naijuka     Kampala
Sunday Mugema     Kampala
Sulaiti Wasswa     Kampala
John Mary Babiiha     Kampala
Deo Ssekiziyivu     Kampala
Ivan Mere     Jinja
Roger Waiswa     Jinja
Osbert Yamurebire
Mark Erick Wamala     Kampala
Muhammad Kintu     Kampala
Joseph Ssenfuka     Gomba
Jonathan Kitayimbwa
Josephat Kigoonya
Naomi Namuddu
Yusuf Mutebi
Adam Kizito
Ibrahim Tumusiime
Ismail Lwanga
Joseph Augustine Kawooya
Joel Ssentumbwe
Hilary Charles Mutyaba
Victory Ainomugisha
Hassan Kiyemba
Yusuf Lumala
Seresio Kyambadde
Brian Ssegujja
Herbert Kayinda
Simon Peter Twine
Tadeo Kagoro  Masindi
George Franklin Kisawuzi
Abdul Karim Lwanga
Benedict Ssemogerere
Joseph Kyamagero
Conrad Kato
David Kimbugwe
Franscis Kayemba
Henry SSesanga
James Mutumba
Michael Lubwama
Joel Senkumi
Fahad Kizza
Ronald Namara
Karim Twaib
Danstan Bunjo
Dominic Ssempa
Ali Al-saif
Charles Muaganga
Friday Kakuru
Chrysostom Bahwa     Kampala
Gerald Luyombya
Hosea SSimbwa
Fahim Ssebwaato
Junior Rogers Kazibwe
Mozses Barungi
Bbosa Wasswa
John K Mugabi
Ceaser Julius Tekko
Vincent Mawagali
Richard Bill Kyeyune
Godwin Lubega
Deogratius Kiizza
Isaac Ssempebwa
Amon Bazira
Humfrey Ssebyala
Kamya Sheldomn Saddam Kasirye
Blasto Turigye
Simon Peter Mubiru
Julian Namatta
Spencer Akanyijuka
Ashton Kisitu
Joseph Paul Kawanga
Martin Tumusiime
Francis Semuto
Deus Katumba
Henry Ngobi
Issa Ssebyala