Police sack 24 officers

Internal Affairs minister in the dissolved cabinet and also Chairman of Police authority- Jeje Odongo. Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi has since instituted a private prosecution against him and three other ministers for allegedly continuing to work despite their term of office expiring last week. PHOTO/FILE 

What you need to know:

  • Police are expected to make public the list of sacked officers today.

Police Authority has dismissed 24 officers convicted of offences in civilian and police disciplinary courts. The authority’s chairman,  Gen Jeje Odongo, who is also the Minister of Internal Affairs, confirmed their dismissal on Friday. 

“I was dealing with discipline in police. I dismissed 24 police officers who committed various offences,”  he said.

Gen Odongo declined to reveal the identities of the officers, saying it would be against the regulations. The names of the officers were sent to the Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola, to communicate to them and the police management. 

Police are expected to make public the list of sacked officers today at the police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala.

The Police Authority is the highest body of the Force. It also includes the Attorney General, Inspector General of Police, his deputy, director of police administration and three other people appointed by the President. 

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr Martins Okoth Ochola. PHOTO/FILE  

After the elections in January, President Museveni accused police officers of sitting back as his supporters were being harassed by Opposition. 
He said police officers who failed to do their duty to protect the citizens’ right to vote would be dismissed.

“There was intimidation by NUP (National Unity Platform) supporters in many areas, especially in Buganda -- Mawokota, Kyotera, Mpigi, Wakiso and in the east in Busoga. Very vicious intimidation, even attacks, burning of houses, cars and cutting banana plantations in some areas. All this is documented. What is interesting is that the police were not intervening because some of the police had been bribed,” Mr Museveni claimed. 

What the law says

Section 47 of the Police Act gives powers to  the Senior Superintendent of Police to dismiss a police officer of or above the rank of assistant superintendent of police. Officers at or above the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police are sacked by the President.The process of sacking a police officer is a long one. The defaulter must have gone through police disciplinary court then the Police Council must approve it before going to the Police Authority.