Soldiers brutalise Nebbi radio presenter

Mr Vincent Buuma at a hospital where he is receiving treatment. PHOTO | COURTESY

A radio presenter at Rainbow Radio Station in Nebbi District was allegedly beaten by soldiers after a traffic mishap on Nebbi road.

The incident happened on October 4  in Nebbi Town. 

While narrating the ordeal, the Presenter, Mr Vincent Buuma, told Monitor on Monday: “While I was driving (on a highway), the soldier who was joining the road almost collided with me. When I proceeded, they stopped and blocked me on the road and then pulled me out of the car. They slapped my ears and hit me with the gun-butt.”

“When they took me to a petrol station in their car, they (soldiers) kept on asking me why I support Joshua Anywarach (former MP for Padyere County) and whether I think we can overtake this government. But I asked them by what means, but they kept on beating me before dumping me in front of their commander,” he added.

Mr Buuma was later taken to a clinic by on-lookers. 

The presenter, who is currently admitted to a hospital in Gulu, said he is having difficulty in breathing because of the beatings on his chest. He said he feels pain and paralysis in his elbow and his leg which was supported by metals after he sustained injuries in an earlier accident.

The doctor’s report indicates that the presenter has a blood clot in the chest and leg. 

Due to financial difficulties, Mr Buuma is now facing the task to pay Shs1.5 million for the entire treatment.

Speaking to the Daily Monitor, the Commander at Koch Army detach, Col Jimmy Mukuba Kabila, denied the allegations saying the victim should be specific on which soldiers beat him up.

“Not every soldier in West Nile is from Koch. Let him be specific and give details of the number plate of that vehicle,” he said.

Other incidents

On January 13, 2021, four Opposition supporters were allegedly beaten and injured by soldiers, police and the NRM supporters in Nebbi Town.

One of the those injured, Mr Caesar Awondi, said on Monday that the NRM supporters, including the brothers of the MP, broke his door and picked him from his bedroom before beating him.

“Despite all my pleas to the supporters who were guarded by soldiers, they beat me in all parts of the body causing injuries. I still feel a lot of pain in my chest, ribs and neck. We were charged with threatening violence and yet we were arrested and tortured from our own houses,” he said.

Another victim of the January 13 incident, Mr Erick Sabiti, said he almost lost his sight due to the excessive bleeding from the eyes.