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Enhancing accountability, combating corruption

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Asaph Blair Gumisiriza

Your Excellency, President Yoweri Museveni, your commitment to eradicating corruption is clear and commendable. However, to make significant strides in this battle, we need bold and innovative measures.

In Uganda’s battle against corruption, the deployment of military personnel in key government roles stands out as a strategic and effective approach. The advantages of military personnel in civil roles are manifold. Unlike civilian officials, military personnel can be easily held accountable through the court martial system. This swift and decisive form of justice will serve as a strong deterrent to corruption, ensuring that any misconduct is addressed promptly and effectively. The military ethos of discipline, loyalty, and integrity will permeate through the administrative structures, fostering a culture of accountability and transparency.

Additionally, military personnel are trained to operate efficiently under pressure and to meet stringent deadlines. Their involvement in civil administration will streamline processes, reduce bureaucratic delays, and enhance the overall effectiveness of government operations.

Employing military spies and external auditors can further enhance oversight. Deploying military spies as external auditors will provide an additional layer of oversight. These officers can conduct covert inspections and audits, ensuring that public officials adhere to ethical standards and that public funds are used appropriately. A dedicated mobile force can conduct surprise inspections of government offices and institutions. This unpredictability will keep officials vigilant and deter corrupt practices, as they will be aware that their actions are subject to scrutiny at any moment.

Establishing a robust hotline system for whistle-blowers, coupled with a rapid response team, will ensure that reports of corruption are addressed immediately. This proactive approach will deter potential offenders and provide a safe channel for citizens to report corrupt activities without fear of reprisal. Swift action upon receiving whistle-blower reports will demonstrate the government’s commitment to fighting corruption. This responsiveness will build public trust and encourage more citizens to come forward with information on corrupt activities.

To ensure swift and decisive action against corruption, I propose the introduction of kangaroo courts. These courts will handle corruption cases expeditiously, ensuring that justice is served without the lengthy delays associated with traditional legal processes. Individuals found guilty in kangaroo courts should face immediate penalties, including removal from office, imprisonment, confiscation, and auctioning of their property to refund the government.

Additionally, they should be redlisted from working for any government entity forever. Changing the legal standard from “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty until proven innocent” for corruption cases will place the burden of proof on the accused. This shift will expedite the judicial process and deter potential offenders.

I urge you to consider this comprehensive proposal as a pivotal step towards achieving a corruption-free Uganda.

Mr Asaph Blair Gumisiriza (Bitaraabe) is from Kazo District .