Traffic jam in Kampala requires practical solutions

I have come across many proposed solutions to the traffic jam in Kampala and they sound like theoretical papers presented at academic institution not serious traffic congestion solutions.
Someone suggested that we build land ports as a solution to traffic jam. Are you aware of the need for poor people to cross from one land-port to another and the cost of special hire taxis you are proposing? With the high cost of running a public service vehicle, can you imagine what would happen when a there are few or no passengers from one landport to another and yet the link vehicles must be available all the time to create the kind of efficiency needed to reduce congestion?
The traffic problem in Kampala needs a comprehensive study by professionals who know about transportation, town planning, etc.
Building land ports is not practical to implement. Let us draw lessons from other cities.
Restricting vehicles according to registration number plates would work if there is an efficient network of town service buses.
Online reader