Medical interns have been on strike since November 6th over among others, low pay and poor working conditions, the second industrial action this year. But even with a catalogue of promises including President Museveni directing in August a pay increase for them from Shs 750,0000 to at least Shs 2.5million, the ministry of Health’s director of Health services in a December 10th letter fired all interns—a move that defeats basic common sense, the issue looked at broadly from the staffing angle of the country’s moribund health sector. The disproportionate patient-staff ratios, from doctors to midwives across all public health facilities, according to the ministry’s reports is to blame for the many existing challenges, including mothers dying during or after childbirth due to little or no medical assistance. Maternal mortality accounts for 18 per cent of all deaths among women in Uganda. While maternal mortality is a major public health problem globally, and the government has made significant strides including throwing money at the problem, one just needs to spend time on the ground.