World Bank verifying $360m urban authority projects ahead of programme closure 

Ministry of Lands commissioner for urban Development Joseph Padde (right) and other officials inspect some of the World Bank-funded projects in Tororo Municipality in eastern Uganda. Photo / Courtesy 

What you need to know:

  • The week-long inspection is being conducted in the urban authorities of Moroto, Mbale, Tororo, Busia, Kamuli and Lugazi. 

A team of World Bank officials is in eastern Uganda to assess ongoing infrastructure projects under the $360m urban centres funding programme.  

The project seeks to improve local government infrastructure in urban centres.

The week-long inspection is being conducted in the urban centres of Moroto, Mbale, Tororo, Busia, Kamuli and Lugazi. 

Mr Stephen Ajalu, a World Bank senior urban specialist, who is also leading the inspection, said in a statement that the inspection across the municipalities seeks to verify the progress of civil works ahead of the programme closure by June 30. 

“We want to ensure closure of the USMID [Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development] programme to allow for a smooth transition into any possible future programme,” he said. 

The host Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development is anticipating a new line of credit from the World Bank estimated at $750m to support the expansion of road infrastructure within the 10 new regional cities as well as selected municipalities. 

Dr Isaac Mutenyo, the USMID-AF programme coordinator, said the World Bank was also reviewing work plans, budgets, releases, utilisation of funds and potential risks towards programme closure, noting there would be no further extension of project timelines.  

“We shall not have any further extension of these projects being undertaken by the local governments beyond the deadline set to June. We are currently verifying their compliance with all the additional parametres,” he said. 

In Tororo, the municipality deputy mayor Beatrice Achola, reported that progress on projects was attainable by close to the deadline by June, noting that “the contractor appears to be progressing well with the main Uhuru Highway, which has been pending for some time”.  

Mr Joseph Pade, the Ministry of Lands commissioner for urban development, urged all the five local governments under inspection to finish the projects ahead of time to be considered for possible future funding.

“Only good work ensures reward. The political and technical supervisors of these urban road projects across all the local governments must do their part. Quality work and done on time should meet the aspirations of these projects,” he said.