Can lies affect my relationship?

What you need to know:

  • White Lies. Different people tell their opinions on how they view white lies in relationships, and what they have gone through because of them

A white lie, according to Jason Whiting of Psychology Today, is usually a trivial falsehood said tactfully. Sometimes white lies are offered to flatter, and some to avoid hurting feelings: “I am fine!” “It is okay.” Other white lies consist of things unsaid, like allowing a partner to believe something that is not true.
While they may seem the easy way out, some white lies can cause big hiccups, especially if they are not time-limited. Different people tell their opinions on how they view white lies in relationships, and what they have gone through because of them.

Sandra Nansubuga

Sandra Nansubuga
Honesty saves you a lot of drama
I think being honest saves you from a lot of drama and costs nothing.
At times we do so but only where necessary but honesty is the best option. The small lie will keep growing and it leaks, your person may not understand why you lied in the first place, leading to a potential disarray of the relationships.
A lie is just a short time pleasure. The time I told my person a heavy truth was a trying moment for me since the reaction then was not cute. However, he came around after thinking things through.
The one time I lied, however. The person already knew the truth and things did not go well at all.

Andrew Jordan Muhereza
Honesty begins at home
Honesty is not something you learn when you are old, it is something you grow up with basing on how u where raised.
I will always choose being honest regardless of how hard it might be because it comes along with respect. My relationship stands on honesty and that is why I think it has had the taste of time.
You would rather hurt me with the truth than comfort me with lies. If someone is interested in you and you tell me about it, I will not get surprised seeing late night calls from him because I already know his intentions. Don’t you think it is far better than telling me he is just a friend?

Andrew Jordan Muhereza

 Marion Byasanyu
A small lie begets a bigger lie
Honesty is one of the most fundamental aspects of any romantic relations. If your intention is to create a long time future with one another, honesty is key.
When someone uses a white lie in the name of soothing my heart, I believe he is bound do the same with a bigger lie at some point.
However, honesty will help me understand my partner better and their truth. I know some truths are bitter but when provided with civility and facts, it is better to process since some people may say the truth with intention to hurt others.
The bible encourages speaking the truth in love as it provides emotional and spiritual maturity between couples. Remember, love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

Marion Byasanyu

Rajab Akandinda
Lately, a few white lies have given results
The fact is whenever you approach someone and be honest with them, they take your truth as lies so lies make it easier. It is a crazy world the truth rarely sets you free.
I have a friend who got with a lady that he realised was not his type later. In a conversation, he openly told this lady how he felt but she was not having it. All she cared about was that he was the man of her dreams and decided to keep around the man who did not want her.
My other friend was interested in a lady who had a child. She decided she should get the most out of the situationship as soon as possible. She started with many excuses like her phone getting lost, her rent debt, shortly after her child got ill and other sorts of lies. It indeed ended in tears and she never got anything from him because of lies.

Rajab Akandinda