Wasukiras: A match made in heaven

The couple makes their vows in Church on their wedding day. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • David Wasukira and Esther Nakiwala started as friends, but when he wanted a romantic relationship, Esther got on her knees and asked God if he was the one. God answered through a woman of God, who Esther says spoke so clearly that she had no reason to doubt anymore.

David Emmanuel Wasukira and Esther Robbinah Nakiwala met at the School of Psychiatric Clinical Officers, Butabika, Kampala. David was in his last year while Esther was in her first year. During that time, David was also the chairperson of the Christian Union fellowship, while Esther was the church administrator for the combined group of Christian Union fellows at Butabika schools.

Esther says after meeting in 2014, they would pray together, hold fellowships in and outside of the church, and talk regularly. She adds that they would also always be intentional about meeting physically. 


David says with time, they became prayer partners, committing to pray on the phone every day from midnight to 1am. They also prayed and fasted every month for at least three days and 12 hours, even if they were distant from one another. 

They spent a lot of time together and eventually started seeking guidance from their friends on how to turn this friendship into a romantic relationship. Esther says David was direct and intelligent, and he had shared his intentions to marry her one day in 2014 shortly after joining the institution. 

“I, being the principled person that I am, initially thought he might be like other men I had met before. Little did I know that he was serious,” she says.

She kept him at a distance for almost a year, placing restrictions on him in many ways, praying about it, seeking advice from pastors, and observing him. In 2015, she received confirmation from God through His servants, but she struggled to accept it for a while until she finally responded positively.

“We often communicated, and he helped me navigate the challenges throughout our journey. We sought guidance and premarital counselling, prayed together, and made sure to always agree. We also made it known to our friends and family. Despite the challenges we faced, I loved the journey of courtship we had. God was gracious to us, and we were able to overcome,” Esther says.

David says what attracted him most to Esther was that she was a stunning woman with godly virtues, intelligence, a growth mindset, and a very visionary nature. He adds that her being a gospel artiste was a plus. 

Esther on the other hand admired David because he was a good-looking, God-fearing, caring, and loving man, articulate, bold, smart, focused, and good at time management. 


The couple had dated for about four years and felt it was time to take it to the next level. David says he did not have a Western-style proposal at first. However, after three months of dating, he told her about his feelings and his desire to pursue a relationship that would lead to marriage. Instead of rejecting him outright, she responded by saying, “God willing, it will come to pass,” effectively putting the proposal on hold. 

The initial proposal was made in November 2014, and it was not until after a church service in January 2016 that she expressed her approval, stating that he had passed all the tests she had set and was indeed the man chosen by God for her.

She had set a condition before God, asking for confirmation from an unexpected person. Then, in December 2015, during a women’s conference, Pastor Sarah Sejjoba of Devine Destiny Church in Makindye, Kampala, indicated that the man who had proposed was indeed the chosen one.

Despite not having any prior connection to Pastor Sejjoba, Esther took it as a sign that her prayer had been answered. In January, she agreed to participate in medical ministry in David’s home village and on the last day of the event, she said yes to his proposal.  David notes that it took a year and two months from a doubtful no to a yes.


David says July 25, 2019, was a greatly anticipated day as it marked a significant milestone for him. The initial meeting with the in-laws went well. 

One of the most memorable moments was when his wife-to-be composed and launched two beautiful songs on that day, leaving him feeling loved and overwhelmed.

They had no wedding planner, and their families, along with different committees, were fully involved in the preparations. 

Communication played a crucial role, and they regularly updated each other on the progress.

During their marriage counselling sessions, they learnt a lot, especially because they were new to many aspects of marriage. They had monthly classes and met with various counsellors twice a week. 

They learnt about the significance of leaving and cleaving in marriage, expressing love in different situations, and understanding the five love languages as well as how to handle family dynamics, children, friendships, intimacy, love, and financial matters.

Memorable moments

David says on the wedding day, neither he nor his partner knew what the other was wearing, so it was a great surprise when they saw each other.

He adds that his friends and most of his relatives travelled day and night to witness the event. 

He felt the generosity of the guests and was grateful for the many gifts received during the wedding. 

He also shares that people were fascinated by the fact that their chauffeur was a “muzungu” (Uncle Brian), who generously provided his car, fuelled it, and drove them on the wedding day. 

Esther says her most memorable moment was when they exchanged their vows in front of all their loved ones.