With God as the anchor, your marriage will succeed

What you need to know:

  • Evelyn and Amos say every marriage has its challenges. However, how you handle them will determine how long your marriage lasts. For them, the secret is in putting God first in each and everything they do.

Evelyn Nalule and Amos Bakka share a chemistry that is not only real but admirable. To date, Bakka admits that it is Evelyn’s joyful demeanour and great sense of humour that attracted him to her, first as a friend and now wife.

“Evelyn and I met at Victory City Church in Rubaga, Kampala, in 2014. She was so passionate about serving God and lovingly took care of those around her. It is these qualities that made her stand out for me,” Amos says. During this time, Evelyn was in the choir while Amos was in the band.

To Evelyn, Amos has always been a calm, respectful and humble person.  “You would rarely find him getting involved in idle talk or anything unproductive. Above all, he is a God-fearing man, a quality you can attest to when you interact with him,” she shares.

The two remained friends for two years and in 2016, Amos decided it was time to make his intentions known.

“I had gone out swimming and she came to see me. Having been friends for two years and certain that she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I decided to make it known that I love her. While she did not say yes on that day, she did the next day and it was heart-warming,” Amos says.

The proposal

Evelyn says it was only two months after her graduation (November 2019) when Amos proposed (January 5, 2020) at Kush Lounge in Kampala.

“On a random Sunday, our friends said we were going for a meeting to discuss and prepare for our Kukyala, which was days away. Some of my friends had left me at church under the pretext of going to buy shoes but I found them at the venue. Near the venue for the meeting, all my friends rushed out of the car and Amos walked towards me. We started discussing the kukyala and I was concerned because we did not have a lot of time yet nothing had been planned. He then asked me to walk with him the remaining short distance to the venue but when we arrived, he walked to a side of the room that had been decorated with rose petals. I was so shy and almost ran away but my friends quickly came to support me. Although our kukyala was a few days away, having him officially ask me to marry him was humbling. It was such a beautiful day and of course, I said yes,” Evelyn shares.

A few weeks later, they had their Kukyala (January 25, 2020. Then on November 7, 2020, they had their kwanjula and wedding November 14, 2020.

The journey so far

Marriage is an interesting journey, full of humps and smooth roads but regardless of what comes their way, the Bakkas say they keep moving.

“Our first year was eventful, filled with learning and adjusting to living together. However, having a strong support system from church and ensuring God was at the centre of our marriage has made the journey easy. That was enhanced with surrounding ourselves with people who are where we want to be in marriage and having them speak into our lives. With that, we were able to handle our transition with ease,” Bakka says.


Summing up their almost two years of marriage, the Bakkas say their struggles have mainly been around personality differences and communication being the most pressing of all.

“We have always put God at the centre of our marriage and through prayer and reading the Bible, we have ably come this far. We also have a couples group at church where married people meet on a monthly basis to talk about their challenges and find solutions together,” the Bakkas share.

Favorite activity

Doing things together or finding that one thing that the couple love doing helps the two to bond more. For the Bakkas, Evelyn shares that serving God together is their favourite activity.

“Serving in ministries that almost complement one another makes serving God easy. I am so happy seeing him play the bass guitar while I sing all to the glory of God. It brings a great sense of fulfilment and gladness in our hearts. Amos is also a great swimmer. Therefore, I enjoy watching him swim and winning those medals,” she shares.

The parents of a daughter encourage couples to anchor their marriages in Christ. “He has sustained us until now,» they say.