May your Xmas gift create a lasting impact

Celebration. Traditionally, Christmas is about gift-giving, but in different countries the holiday is celebrated differently.

What you need to know:

CHRISTMAS IS time to give. What gifts have you planned to give. There are many factors to consider, writes Christine Katende.

December gets more exciting with Christmas at hand. You have probably been waiting and planning on how to spend in this season. And now the countdown is on, just a few days to the long awaited time. You can in the same way help others make their festive dreams come true by giving out secret gifts. It is time to check gifts off the list and start wrapping them.

Start now before the shops get crowded. You can make a friend, neighbour, colleague, spouse, children, parents or any family member your secret Santa.

When it comes to planning and giving, there is more to think about than just the act. Angela Igule, a salesperson and designer at Nina Interiors Limited, says keep in mind the budget in which you are working as you plan to give a gift in this festive season.

“A budget is one thing anyone should have in mind before moving out to buy or zeroing down on what to do or give out. It wouldn’t be good for you to strain in the name of Christmas surprises since more responsibilities spiral out with the New Year such as paying school fees,” she explains.

Igule further talks about simple but unique items such aswall hangings, clocks watches and photo frames.
Joan Ibanda, human resource person at Beautiful Living cites the issue of relationship and taste, saying it would be imperative if one considered the kind of relationship they have with the person before deciding on what to give them. She went on to categorised the gifts.

Parents. For a mother it could be a gomesi, kitenge, handbag or pair of shoes while a father can go for a kanzu, suit, tie, shirt or a pair ofshoes.

Spouse. For girlfriend or wife; an engagement ring, car, watch, handbag, set of underwear, smart phone, jewellery, dress, a pair shoes or take her for a vacation.

For your man; a wallet, designer belt, suit, set of undies or a watch.

Friends. This depends on the gender but jewellery and handbags for females and belts, designer perfumes, or wallets can do for the males.

Children. This depends on their age but go for functional toys -those from which they will learn a thing or two such as the abacus, spelling mat. Also, clothes or shoes could do them well.

Employees: If you cannot afford a shopping voucher then settle for gift hampers such as a set of cooking utensils, or home basics such as sugar tea leaves, cooking oil and grains.

Family. If you are giving a family go for wall hangings (either paintings or one with a personalised inspirational message), a clock, photo frames, season messages, cushions, table mats, season greetings cards, flower vessels, set of crockery or cutlery and decorative items such as canopy lights, Christmas bells, ribbons and stars.
You can also invite them over for a joint lunch or give some items to the needy family. You can also talk to your children about the difference the gesture can make to the other family and make sure they are okay with giving up presents (you can always get them something little).

Surprise gifts. These are memorable gifts such as artistic or painted family or individual portraits. It could be a vacation to one of those places a person has always yearned to be, a theatre show or even linking people to those they have taken long to see or even throwing a simple party.

Gift giving is a sign of love, care and appreciation. It strengthens the bond and relationships between people. However, the act of giving has dos and don’ts.

Neatly wrap your gift to add value.
Know one’s taste before giving.
Make it a surprise, don’t tell it to everybody about it.
Do it with love not talking about how broke you became after buying it.
Mind the relationship between the two of you

Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for that person for you might mess up in the process.
Don’t at any time ask for a gift in return.
Don’t spend beyond your means.
Don’t feel forced, it is not compulsory.