Businessman donates 5 acres to Lubigi evictees 

Mr Hassan Bulwadda (right), the proprietor of Bulwadda Estates in Wakiso District, shows some of the people who were evicted from Lubigi swamp in Wakiso District, part of the five acres of land that he donated to them in Nana-Bulwadda Village in Kikandwa Sub-county, Mityana District, on June 19, 2024. PHOTO/MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI. PHOTO/FILE

What you need to know:

  • The land is located at Nana-Bulwadda Village, Wattuba Parish, Kikandwa Sub-county in Mityana District
  • Mr Bulwadda said he is would finance all the transfer processes of the land titles.

Businessman Hassan Bulwadda, the proprietor of Bulwadda Estate in Kyanja, Wakiso District, has donated five acres of land to people evicted from Lubigi wetland in Wakiso District.
The land is located at Nana-Bulwadda Village, Wattuba Parish, Kikandwa Sub-county in Mityana District. 

Mr Bulwadda said he was touched when he listened to mothers and children cries in the media after their houses were demolished thus rendering them homeless.

“I’m doing this as an individual to save mothers and their children from the current situation they are living in,” Mr Bulwadda said as he handed over the land to Nansana Municipality Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Shaffic Ali Nsubuga in presence of some of the beneficiaries. 

He added: “I’m more into real estate so I decided to donate part of my Bulwadda estate in Nana Village to put a smile on the faces of these evictees.”

Mr Bulwadda said he is would finance all the transfer processes of the land titles. “I’m going to pay the lawyer who is going to do the paperwork and we make one joint title but each beneficiary will receive an agreement.”
As part of his commitment to help the victims, he also paid for an excavator to make access routes to the land as beneficiaries prepared to start clearing the land.

“I want to make sure at least each of you gets where they call home. If this land is not enough, I will add them more,” he said.
Mr Bulwadda appealed to President Museveni and other people to join his effort to save mothers and children who are still stranded in Lubigi.

Some of the affected people are from Ganda-Nasere, Nansana West II A, Masanafu, Nabweru South I and Nabweru South II.
Mr Nsubuga thanked the businessman and pledged to work with the area leaders to help the evictees relocate to their new land.
“The President has condemned encroachment on wetlands for long and if you find anyone pouring soil in Lubigi, swiftly run to my office and report them,” he said.

He directed that all evictees with legal documents get registered such that they are verified by village leaders before they are allocated land.
“No person without a document will be given land. Ensure you get all the necessary documents required and take them to your area leaders,” he said.
Mr Dickson Mayiga, the Nansana West II A chairperson, praised the donor for his kind heart. 
Mr Robert Kaleebu, the Nana Village vice chairperson, confirmed that the donated land belongs to Mr Bulwadda.
Mr Abubakar Batuusa, the area councillor, said he was going to work with the RDC and other leaders to identify the victims and they get their land.

Beneficiaries speak out
Ms Margaret Kyolaba, whose house was demolished and has been sleeping in a makeshift tent, applauded Mr Bulwadda.
She, however, appealed to the government to extend water and electricity to the land.
Ms Nulu Nakaweesa, another evictee, narrated how she spent seven years in Gulf states looking for money to build her house and rentals which were demolished. 

“I have now grown old and I can no longer manage to go back and look for money. We thank you for this great work you have done for all of us,” Ms Nakaweesa said.
Ms Ruth Namuddu, 69, another evictee and former resident of Nansana West II A, whose picture went viral on social media, thanked the businessman.

Who is Bulwadda 
Mr Bulwadda is a 39-year-old businessman dealing in real estate. He owns several estates in Kira, Kigo, Garuga, Komamboga, and Mityana.
Mr Bulwadda is also the former chairperson of Express Football club. He has spent about 16 years in real estate business. He started this business in his early 20s with an estate in Mityana District.