Idd-Ul-Adhuha: Muslims rallied on unity, development

Muslim faithful at the joint Idd-Ul-Adhuha prayers held at the Golf Course ground in Masaka City on June 16, 2024. PHOTO/MALIK FAHAD JJINGO

What you need to know:

  • Mr Moses Karangwa asked Muslims to reject selfish leaders including politicians that are out to divide the population.

The Muslim leadership has rallied the believers to embrace the spirit of unity and brotherhood as part of efforts to strengthen the Islamic faith and general development of their respective families.

At Masaka Golf Course ground in Masaka City where the Muslims converged for the joint Eid Prayer to mark the Idd-Ul-Adhuha, the District Amir Sheikh Abudullah Mutazindwa reminded the faithful that the joint Eid prayers are part of the general effort to unite the faithful despite their respective Islamic sects.

“We came up with this initiative of having joint Eid prayers as one way of uniting the faithful despite where many belong. This also serves to renew Prophet Muhammad’s Act (Sunnah). This move will help us come up with one strong message in advocating for our rights and needs to the central government,” he said.

Masaka Deputy Resident City Commissioner, Mr Ahmed Kateregga Musazi, urged Muslims to embrace active politics among other leadership positions.

“National issues including many of the things that you want from the government are discussed by the leaders. You should be part of the leadership of the Country at the different levels. You should also resume the culture of rearing animals that you can slaughter instead of waiting for donated animals from the Middle East,” he said.

At Madinatul Manawarah Mosque in Mmende Sub-county, Wakiso District Khadhi, Erias Kigozi called for Muslim Unity while detesting acts that are not in line with Islamic teachings.

“Celebrate Idd-Ul-Adhuha through slaughter of animals and enjoy the food but not the alcoholic drinks. You are not supposed to join the people that are going to the bars,” he told the faithful.

Sheik Abubaker Swaib Lukyamuzi, the Imam at Rahmaan Mosque in Nansana Town, Wakiso District urged Muslims who could not afford to slaughter animals today not to lose hope because there are three slaughter days as guided by the Holy Quran.

In Kayunga Town Council, the Kayunga NRM party Chairperson, Mr Moses Karangwa asked Muslims to reject selfish leaders including politicians that are out to divide the population. He told those who converged at Kitimbwa mosque for the Idd-Ul-Adhuha prayers to engage in development projects for development.

Sheik Twaha Lubega Hamisi, the Luweero Deputy District Khadhi rallied the faithful on unity and development as the only way the Muslim community can fight poverty in their respective families.

“When we remain united as a faith, we shall have the ability to focus on development projects that help fight poverty. We should embrace the different government projects that have been rolled out to fight poverty,” he said.

In Kalangala Island, the District Khadhi, Sheik Musa Kadugala urged the faithful to have respect for one another and support the work of spreading and strengthening the Islamic faith.

“Today, most of you have planned to spend time at the different beaches where the pleasure is not in line with the Islamic teachings. It is also surprising that when many of you are called to support the work of God (Allah), you are not willing. This is not the way of the Islamic faith,” he said.

Compiled by David Sekayinga, Fred Muzaale, Fahad Malik Jjingo, Noeline Nabukenya, Jessica Nabukenya and Dan Wandera