Thursday June 26 2014

‘I don’t trust mechanics’

Kayondo adores her Rav4 that she often takes selfies in.

Kayondo adores her Rav4 that she often takes selfies in. PHOTOS BY MICHEAL KAKUMIRIZI 

By Arafat ndugga

Tell me about yourself?
I am Natasha Kayondo, the public relations and guest relation manager of Club Guvnor.

What was your first car?
It was a Toyota Spacio.

How did you acquire it?
It was a gift from my father, but I liked it a lot since it was a new car, comfortable and it was suitable for me at that time.

What car are you driving now?
I drive a Rav4 manufactured in 2001.

How much did you buy it?
I brought it Shs35m from a car bond along Jinja Road.

Why that colour?
Generally I like class, that colour is easy, simple for the eyes, I don’t want those shouting colours that attract attention.

What do you really like about this car?
It is air conditioned, good steering that grips, it is raised for our bad roads and whenever I sit in it, I feel like home that is why I have taken many selfies in it.

How is its fuel consumption?
I usually don’t keep track on fuel, but I put in 25 litres at the start of the week.

When do you service it?
I do it when it is due but I cannot wait when it is faulty.

What is your dream car?
I am torn between two cars. Snow white Range Rover and some Cross Country I saw somewhere along Kampala Road.

What has been your longest journey?
Jinja. It was scary since I had never driven such a long journey alone. I had no alternative because I had to attend a burial. I shivered whenever the long vehicles overtook my car, over-speeding buses made the whole journey scaring to me.

What is the size of the engine?
I don’t have much technical knowledge about cars.

What traffic offences have you committed?
There was a time when I was parking along Kampala Road but I double indicated then one traffic police officer came and gave me a Shs60,000 fine but he forgave me and didn’t take my permit. Since then, I have never committed any offence.

What are your views about our roads?
The roads are narrow, then two elements that annoy me most are the taxi drivers and boda boda riders who are crazy, inpatient and shout a lot. Surely I hate whatever they do. Whenever I am in town driving, I always pray that they don’t scratch my car with their weird and reckless driving.
When do you wash your car?
I take some time but I always clean the interior to look nice and neat.

Any remarks on pedestrians?
Some people cross the road carelessly thinking that the drivers see them, that is why I think there are many pedestrian accidents.

Do you love the traffic police?
Ha-ha, not much but I just like their uniform which is white yet they work on dusty roads which makes them interesting to me.

Do you support online car purchasing?
It is the way to go but I don’t support it since one doesn’t get the feel of what he or she is buying and there are some incidents where one buys a faulty vehicle. For those that try it out, it is upon their taste and preference.

Do you share your car with friends?
I do with only those that are too close to me. I get worried e whenever I give out after I got a bad experience where one returned it with scratches.

Do you trust your mechanic?
No, I do give my car to a friend who takes it to the garage since I haven’t got a reliable mechanic I trust.

What would you change on your car?
I would replace the current seats with leather ones and possibly acquire a stronger engine. But I really love this car.