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Internet audiences are the some of the more sophisticated markets you are going to find, and that makes it very sensible indeed to advertise through the internet medium. By choosing to advertise on Monitor Online, you are assured of reaching the largest number of internet users (both in Uganda and abroad), because Monitor Online is Uganda’s most frequently visited website. What’s more, you have more options availed to you to help you sell. If the first and second can’t work for you, the third surely will. Below is a catalogue of some of the advertising packages we have on offer at Monitor Online:


Banner Advertisements

We have various banner ad options that you can choose from. Take your pick from these below:

Banner Type

Dimensions (WxH)


Top Banner

970x90 (pixels)

Top of page

Top home Banner

300x600 (pixels)

Front page (right)

Square Banner

300x250 (pixels)

article pages

Side Banner

728x90 (pixels)

Website Home Belts

Side Banner (Billboard)

300x600 (pixels)

Section Pages

Text Links


Jobs and Tenders Sections



Available pages/sections: Forex Rates, Downloads, Job Mart


Web supplements are drawn from our print edition. This service primarily targets, but is not limited to, clients that run supplements in the print edition. There are enormous benefits for a client that opts for this service;

(i) you have the opportunity to have your content presented in the format of a webpage and/or formats you cannot have for a normal webpage (e.g. at a client’s request we may run supplements as MS Word, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint documents).

(ii) supplements are also run longer on the Monitor website, meaning you, the client, will get greater exposure. The minimum duration a supplement is run on the website is one week. This can be extended at the client's request and after payment of an affordable fee.

For a supplement to run on Monitor Online, a 10% surchage is made on its value in the newspaper.

To advertise in the Daily Monitor newspaper, contact:

The Advertising Department
Airtel House on Plot 40 Wampewo Avenue- Kampala., Uganda
To advertise: 0312301250, OR 0312301100

Email: [email protected]