Thursday April 24 2014

My wheels : DJ Michael,‘I have done 180 kph before’

DJ Michael drives a white 1998 Ford Mustang.

DJ Michael drives a white 1998 Ford Mustang. PHOTOS BY EDGAR BATTE 

By Edgar.R.Batte

Which car do you drive?
I drive a Ford Mustang.

What did you like about it?
It is a unique car because it is powerful.

What is the size of the engine?
It is 5,000cc and the car can cruise up to 250kph.

What is the fastest you have driven it?
I have done 180kph on the highway.

Where were you heading when you drove that fast?
I was heading to Arua Town.

How long did it take you on the road to Arua?
With the Mustang, I drove there in two hours but in my Surf or Super Custom, I drive for about four hours.

Wow, why would you drive that fast?
The music promoters that had hired me for a show in Arua were growing impatient so I had to cruise very fast to be able to perform there. I had two shows that day.

How much fuel did you use on that journey?
It was a full tank which cost me Shs250,000 but on my return journey I had to top up because it consumes a lot.

Who else drives a Mustang?
Bobi Wine used to have one but he sold it. That said, mine is a newer model than what he used to drive.

Which year model is yours?
It is a 1998 model and Bobi’s was a 1996 model.

How much did you buy it and when?
I bought is $30,000 (about Shs75m). That was at the beginning of last year.

How is its interior?
It is comfortable and I am installing a new music system which I ordered from South Africa.

How much did you buy the music system?
It cost 15,000 rand (about Shs3.5m)

Has it presented any mechanical problems before?
No, it has always been fine. I do not drive it often because it is a guzzler. I only drive it to corporate functions or the beach where I know I am out to spend

Do you ever share it with friends?
No. Ragga Dee advised me against sharing cars.

Which is your dream car?
A Mercedes Benz Cross Country. Ragga Dee made me like it because as an upcoming artiste, I used to move around with him in one. It is a cool car and everyone who sees you drive it respects you.

How much does it go for?
It depends on the model. On average, it costs Shs150m. I will give it time because I still have responsibilities to my family and Dancehall Crew.