Friday January 19 2018

Why do I smell fuel in my cabin?


Hi Paul, I drive a BMW E46 3 series. For a little while now, I smell fuel in the cabin whenever I fill my tank. However, when I fill it halfway I don’t smell it. I have checked under the car but cannot see any leakage. How can we fix this problem? Gavin Lukwago

Hello Gavin, there must be a leakage at the fuel pump or fuel gauge covers located at the top of the BMW’s fuel tank.

This leaking can be accessed when you remove the rear passenger seat. The fuel pump and gauge covers are made of breakable plastic material with a seal underneath to prevent leaking at the top.
These covers are sometimes damaged during maintenance or repair of the fuel pump.

Occasionally, the O ring seals wear out and need to be replaced. You need to find a mechanic with the correct fuel pump cover wrench to avoid damaging the old or new cover, during removal or refitting.