Thursday July 12 2018

Why should I buy a Honda CRV?

Why should buy Honda CRV

The Honda CRV is a reputable and world renowned car product. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Paul Kaganzi

Hi Paul, thank you for the information about vehicles. Everyone is discouraging me from buying a Honda CRV, saying they rattle and overheat, among other problems. Please give me facts because the 2006 and after models look sleek. Muyomba

Hello Muyomba, the Honda CRV is a reputable and world renowned car product. They are built to last as long as they are driven well and maintained on schedule with good fuels, lubricants and genuine parts. However, there are challenges with owning a used 2006 Honda CRV like any other car brand, for example, used cars come with a history of mileage and age issues.
For instance worn out suspension and steering linkages if ignored will not last long before they rattle or fail. Aged fluids (cooling system, transmission and engine) should not be ignored as they cause damage of components in these systems. Serviceable parts (oil filter, fuel filter and gearbox strainer, spark plugs, timing belt/chains) should be replaced on time with genuine parts. A 12-year-old car will most likely have a mileage above 100,000kms. This is when the major service inspection is due. If you ignore the service checks or use non genuine parts, your Honda or any other used car will not last long before it breaks down.