Thursday March 3 2016

NWSC expands water services in Kampala

NWSC board chair Chris Ebal. FILE PHOTO

NWSC board chair Chris Ebal. FILE PHOTO 

By Stephen Otage

Kampala. Eastern Kampala residents will enjoy improved water services of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) after the corporation commissioned the Centenary Park water pump on Tuesday.
The facility will be used to pump water to residential areas in eastern Kampala previously not on the network.

The areas to be covered in the Kampala Metropolitan area include parts of Najjeera, Kungu, Buwaate and Kyanja which have recently experienced rapid unplanned development which delayed the water and sewerage connections and have gone for years without piped water.
Speaking at the commissioning ceremony in Kampala, NWSC board chair Chris Ebal said the extension of water supply to this area is a milestone which the corporation should not underestimate because its design and implementation was handled purely by Ugandan engineers.

This, he said, demonstrates that the corporation is developing capacity to handle its own engineering projects as opposed to previously when such work would be contracted to foreign engineering companies.
“The fact that this project was purely designed and done by our staff, shows that we have the brains to prove our work and this is going to improve the image of the corporation in the new areas,” he said.

According to managing director Silver Mugisha, after the success of this project, other areas such as Namasuba and Kyengera which are currently facing water challenges will be connected.
“Next we are going to launch the Namasuba project under our continuous improvement programme,” he said.
For more than 10 years now, Kampala has witnessed rapid expansion of its boundaries from the original seven hills to new areas where the corporation has to extend their services to.