Monday June 19 2017

Government to take 300 Ugandan producers to Dubai

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde 


Kampala. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives has organized a trip to take 300 Ugandan producers to Dubai convention from August 24 to 26, 2017 which is a unique opportunity for linking them to the Middle East Market.
The convention's aim is to create a sustainable platform to connect Ugandan.
Exporters to Middle East will get to connect with buyers of their goods and services through networking, provide a platform to showcase Ugandan tourism, trade and investment opportunities and take the participants practically through processes and regulations related to exporting into the Middle East.

The other being to build Capacity and knowledge on the UAE market by providing access to data, information and training on intelligence for making export decision and help companies solve issues that hinder their ability to export to the Middle East.

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde said the convention targets Ugandans interested in exporting to the UAE (Goods and services like tourism).

“At the convention they will meet business people, researchers and experts involved in innovation in agro-food-, feed, horticulture and tour companies from all over the Middle East. The convention will be visited by more than 800 people. Most of them will come from The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia,” she said.
According to her, the convention targets exporters of products such as agricultural products fruits and vegetables like sweet bananas, pineapples, pepper, sesame seeds, Avocado, chia seeds, mushrooms floriculture, horticulture, grains and cereals, fish and fish products, horticulture products, honey, dairy products, beef, coffee, cocoa, soya, tea.
She adds that Ugandans who offer services such as tourism/travel agencies, logistics and recruitment agencies who want to market their Gold, Ugandan importers of all products and Ugandan crafts the convention also targets them.
It should be noted that each traveler will be granted a maximum of 50kgs which will be sold in the open market.

Ms Kyambadde said Ugandan exhibitors may make their own arrangement for extra kilos with the help of the organizers. Delicate items would be stored in controlled storage conditions as may be advised by exhibitor for best benefits.
She said exhibitors while in Dubai who require special special meetings may inform the Organizers during registration separate rooms will be available to exhibitors for quiet one-on-one meetings away from the usual noise of exhibition halls.
There is a window of opportunity for exhibitors to seek special private meeting with a select group of target visitors and trade professionals.
Ms Khadija Nakakande the acting senior public relations officer of the ministry said they have organized intensive visits and excursions to the market for onsite observations.

“All has been budgeted for in the convention package. There an in-house and reliable pre booked transport service for the group in the entire partner Hotels. Exhibitors may the organizers for alternate arrangements over the 3-day period or beyond,” she said.
She said that the official language of business for the convention is English. However exhibitors who require translation services for Arabic may contact Organizer for further assistance and make a request to enable them have effective communication during match making.
Participants should note that United Arab Emirates is an Arabian Peninsula nation settled mainly along the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. The country is a federation of seven emirates. Abu Dhabi, the island capital, is home to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, with crystal chandeliers and room for 40,000 worshipers. Dubai is the site of ultramodern Burj Khalifa tower, enormous shopping centers and extravagant entertainment attractions.

Ms Geraldine Nambusu of moon technologies a company that deals in producing pea nut and ground nut butter said her aim is to market her products in Dubai and start to export them since their place cannot produce such organic foods.
Mr George Kiswa, one of the Ugandans who has paid for the trip, said his aim is to also get market for his products like beans, soya, and ground nuts with an aim of supplying the middle East market.
“If I get market in Dubai, this means that more money will come so i will expand my farm, employ more Ugandans and pay to government my taxes as required by the law,” he said.