Monday December 18 2017

Entrepreneur to youth: You can be successful here in Uganda

Businessman Hamis Kiggundu

Businessman Hamis Kiggundu 


Kampala. Young Ugandans leaving the country for greener pastures elsewhere should think twice before doing so, city businessman has advised.
According to youthful property mogul Hamis Kiggundu, it is possible to make it here in Uganda.

Speaking recently in an interview while at the tour of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium (NWMS), currently undergoing redevelopment, Mr Kiggundu, the key developer of the facility, said: “We can do it here. I don’t believe in leaving the country to be successful.”

He added: “As young people we should have self-belief and avoid quick deals and fixes. We must start with what we have and then slowly progress to where we want to be. That is the realistic way of doing things for it has working for me.”

Mr Kiggundu urged young people to get into the habit of creating wealth through engaging in businesses, saying it is far more rewarding than cutting quick deals, most of which are dubious.

Costs involved
Meanwhile, he said the redevelopment of NWMS will cost $49 million (Shs180 billion).
“One may wonder whether I have all that money and forgets that wealth can be created through business, right attitude and self-belief. So instead of wondering how I am able to do the things I do, you will be better off learning a thing or two from me.”

The 54-year old Nakivubo stadium was established under the NWMS Trust Act, 1963 and is run by the Board of Trustees known as the registered Trustees of NWMS, appointed by the sports minister.

On September 16, 2009, Cabinet approved a master plan for the redevelopment and upgrading of the NWMS using the public-private-partnership arrangement.