Wednesday July 2 2014

Make a bouquet from your garden

You can make a bouquet of flowers from your by

You can make a bouquet of flowers from your by flowing the simple steps in the article below. photo by Faiswal Kasirye 


Sometimes you may need some colour on the patio. Granted, you may have wonderful colours in the garden, but what do you do when you could do with a colourful bouquet to brighten up your breakfast on the patio?
Angela Mwanje, a salesperson at the Flower Centre, Freedom City Mall in Najjanankumbi offers some tips on how you can go about arranging cut flowers from your garden into a delightful bouquet for your patio. Get a basket and an oasis (a spongy green block in which flowers are inserted). Soak the oasis in water for about 30 minutes.
Then get a small plate, place the oasis on it and tie the oasis to the plate with a piece of cellotape. Place the plate with the oasis in the basket, then start fixing your cut flowers into the oasis in any arrangement you may like. The flower stem can be about six centimetres long. The bouquet will last two weeks, if it has enough water in it. Keep adding water onto the oasis. It keeps flowers fresh. Don’t add water every day, because the oasis stores a lot of water. Three times a week will do.
Red Roses and white Chrysanthemums are good for baskets bouquet but you can cut other types of flowers you may have in your garden to make good colour and texture combinations that you may like. It depends on the individual. For example, you don’t only have to use a brown basket. You can buy a white one, or any other colour.
Then you can use the types of flowers that you have in your garden. You can mix different types of flowers; don’t just look at the colours only.
Make sure the stems are the same length and the flower heads are also the same size. If you mix flowers with big heads with those with small heads, your bouquet will not look nice. It will look disorganised and lack harmony. To add a dash of style to your bouquet, you can tie a beautiful ribbon.
Consider putting it on a wall stand where it will not be disturbed if you have children or pets.