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Aliker: Computers ease ICT demands

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Dr Aliker with some of the recipients of free laptops. PHOTO BY EDDIE CHICCO 


Posted  Friday, August 22   2014 at  01:00

The world can no longer turn a blind eye to the importance of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the Victoria University chancellor Martin Aliker has said.
Dr Aliker, who was handing out laptops to the students of the university earlier this week, also urged the students to put them to good use, for a constructive purpose.
“This is a unique opportunity that you have to help you to ease your burden of study, to make you computer literate because that is the way the world is going, so it gives me great pleasure to hand out these computers,” he said.
According to the university’s vice chancellor (VC), the institution is committed to give every student a working laptop.
“We are doing this to fulfil our promise of being driven by ICT,” Dr. Stephen Robert Isabalija said. “This is the type of environment that we are in and the type of applications that we use in Victoria University.”

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