150 head teachers, deputies shuffled

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Ms Alupo

Ms Alupo 


Posted  Wednesday, December 11  2013 at  11:52

In Summary

The affected. About 1,370 teachers have been shuffled among them 108 head teachers, 27 deputies and more than 1,000 teachers.


The Ministry of Education has announced the transfer of 1,370 secondary school teachers, as well as head teachers and deputies. The shake-up, according to the ministry, seeks to enhance efficiency and renergise some secondary schools
According to Mr Francis Agula, the commissioner secondary education, the latest transfers seek to improve teachers’ skills and replacing those who retired on request or medical grounds.

“We have evaluated their performance and those who have done well in the last 12 months have remained where they are, while others have been transferred to new stations,” Mr Agula said yesterday.

Category of transfers
Of the 1,370 teachers, 108 are head teachers and 26 deputies.
According to the list obtained by the Daily Monitor, some 85 head teachers were changed to improve efficiency in new schools, 10 are posted to replace those who retired and the rest are replacing those who have either overstayed at the same working stations or absconded from duty. Mr Agula said many of the transferred classroom teachers didn’t have the required minimum work-load of 24 lessons per week while others had social problems.