Courts closed for vacation

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Courts of Judicature have closed business and gone on vacation for the next one month FILE PHOTO 


Posted  Wednesday, July 16   2014 at  12:25


The High Court and Lower court judicial officers have gone on the annual court vacation for the next one month.
Court vacation does not mean that courts will be totally closed. It means only cases of civil nature will not be heard but those of criminal nature will continue being heard.
The annual court vacation runs from July 15 to August 15.
Meanwhile the Court of Appeal/Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court justices have not gone on the annual court vacation. Court of Appeal justices will go on vacation shortly after this ongoing court vacation has ended.

Judiciary’s Assistant Public Relations Officer Mr Araali Muhirwa said the judges will use this court vacation to write their pending rulings and judgments.
Explaining the genesis of the court vacation, Mr Muhirwa said that it was inherited from the colonial judges who used to travel back to UK to visit their families.
However, it’s only in emergency situations that court can be moved to sit and hear a civil matter. Such emergency cases included among others land eviction threats, house evictions of a bigger population.

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