Thursday April 20 2017

DP's Betty Nambooze suspended

Betty Nambooze.

Betty Nambooze. 

By Damali Mukhaye & Shabibah Nakirigya

The National Executive committee [NEC] of Democratic Party (DP) has suspended the Vice President of Buganda region, Ms Betty Nambooze Bakileke, for defying the party president, Mr Nobert Mao.
The motion to suspend Ms Nambooze, was moved by the DP youth vice chairman and seconded by a one Ritah Nakyanzi, also a member of the youth league.

Mr Waiswa Mufumbira, the party vice spokesperson says Ms Nambooze has been suspended for three months and a committee has been instituted to investigate her conduct and behaviour.

Mr Mufumbiro confirmed that among the 30 NEC members who attended the meeting, 22 voted to suspend Nambooze, four moved out of meeting in protest against the motion, and one person disagreed with her suspension while three abstained.

Those who moved out include the mayor of Makindye Division Ali Nganda Mulyanyama, Paul Kakande, Sam Muyizzi.
Meanwhile, Ms Nambooze, who told Daily Monitor that she was bedridden during the course of her suspension expressed her disappointment at being suspended in her absence.

She said she is done and fed up with Mao arguing that DP is not the only party.

“I am done with Mao and DP. I am seriously sick and the only information I get is that I have been suspended. It is illegal to suspend a person in her absence and without a fair hearing,” Ms Nambooze said.

She said the decision to suspend her was “illegal”.

“Such intrigue as seen today has only exposed the enemy within. It reassures us that we are on the right side of history and we should match on. We are invigorated,” Ms Nambooze said in a statement following her suspension.

She added: “For the party that believes in truth and justice, this exposes our President Mr Norbert Mao as being far short of that maxim, although I find his move sincere that people who are soul searching on how to make the party great again have no place at his table.”