Wednesday July 16 2014

Mbale youth ignorant about condom use

The women say the lack of female condoms in the

The women say the lack of female condoms in the area has affected their rights to enjoy sex. FILE PHOTO 

By Fred Wambede

At least 70% sexually active youth in the age bracket 15-25 in the greater Mbale area are said to be ignorant about condom use, according to the HIV/Aids report from sampled health units in the area.

The report code named -Lot Quality Assuring Sampling (LQAS) - also revealed that the youth as early as 15 years are actively engaged in sexual intercourse having more than one partner.
Mr Robert Wandwasi, the Focal Person for HIV/Aids program Mbale district said the sampling was done randomly in selected health units after it was reported that more youth had been diagnosed with STD’s.

“The youth are sexually active at a very tender age and that explains the moral degeneration among the young generation today. It is made worse because when asked, most of them said they did not know how to use condoms,” Mr Wandwasi said.

Mr Wandwasi blamed the parents for failing to morally educate their children about sexuality leaving their role to the teachers who are also over loaded with class work as they have to stick to the syllabi.

He revealed that some students who are living in the hostel in major urban areas have resorted to prostitution and because they are not well educated about safe sex, they cannot bargain for proper condom use which leads them into acquiring STD’s.

He asked the authorities in the region especially law enforcement officers to check the vice of prostitution among students and that if need be, these hostels that encourage their occupants to linger uncontrollably be closed.