Saturday May 10 2014

Removing Museveni by gun is useless - Besigye

Dr Besigye addresses a rally at Makerere

Dr Besigye addresses a rally at Makerere University on Wednesday on an advocacy campaign for electoral reforms ahead of the 2016 general elections. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

By Paul Tajuba


Founding president of Forum for Democratic Change Dr Kizza Besigye has warned against use of arms to overthrow President Museveni because it will not return power to the people.

The three time presidential contestant said even if the Opposition uses arms and “legitimately subdue” Mr Museveni, this will only transfer power from the old guard to new guard but will not deliver the change from a dictatorship to a democracy.

“We can organise, get guns and subdue them [Museveni and his government). We even know where these guns are, we can get them for we know how to use them. We can use all kinds,” Dr Besigye said while addressing a rally at Makerere University on Wednesday.
Dr Besigye and other Opposition leaders and activists are currently traversing the country on an advocacy campaign for electoral reforms ahead of the 2016 general elections.

The Opposition and civil society activists want an independent electoral body to replace the Badru Kiggundu Electoral Commission, which they say is partisan in favour of President Museveni and his ruling party.
“The reason we fight to remove a regime monopolising our power is to end the monopoly of power. But if we use guns to overthrow guns, it will not empower our population,” Besigye said.

He was responding to the university students’ calls on the Opposition to use guns to throw President Museveni’s government.
Dr Besigye advised the students to organise themselves and overthrow the government through civil means, saying Mr Museveni is easy to remove because his regime is characterised by poverty, internal fights and is ill equipped.
Justice Party President Asuman Basalirwa urged the youths to take the lead in reclaiming the country from corruption in government and overstay in power by President Museveni.

Uganda People’s Congress President Olara Otunnu accused President Museveni of running the country into sectarianism by favouring what he called “a clique of individuals.”

Retired Bishop of Kampala Zac Niringiye amused the audience when he prayed: “Oh God, it is you who gave us Mr Museveni, please take him away peacefully.”
Mr Ofwono Opondo, the Media Centre boss, could not be reached for a comment on Besigye’s remarks that NRM has taken away people’s power and placed it in hands of a few people.

Attempts to reach NRM spokesperson Ms Karooro Okurut were also futile as she made her phone busy every time we called. She did not reply to our text messages either.