The vision for Uganda in 30 years

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By Isaac Imaka & Brian Klosterboer

Posted  Thursday, April 18   2013 at  01:00


President Museveni will this afternoon launch Vision 2040 at Kololo Independence Grounds, even as some MPs said the plan needed improvement.

The document plans to “transform Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years”. It also aims to raise the country’s per capita income from $506 in 2010 to $9,500 in 2040.

The lawmakers, who nevertheless adopted the plan, yesterday said although they supported the vision in principle, it was unrealistic. They said the plan was too ambitious, yet the government showed no interest in achieving the goals set by the document. “We all have dreams and visions. But there are fundamental challenges that may derail this vision and that’s the issue of governance,” said the shadow minister for finance, Mr Geoffrey Ekanya.

Uganda has severally had strategic blue prints for development including Vision 2025. However, as the joint Parliamentary committee on Finance and budget report noted, the absence of a policy and institutional framework rendered its implementation unachievable.

Mr Muwanga Kivumbi (DP, Butambala) said for 30 years, Uganda had seen consistent economic gambling.
However, deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah said: “This document came to this House in April last year and consultations have been made and we are now debating the third and final draft. This is not a policy report that what we adopt cannot be changed.”

How the vision will be implemented

The plan

10yr plans

Three ten-year plans

Five-year plans
Six five-year national development plans (NDPs)

• Sector investment plans (SIPs)
• Local government development plans (LGDPs)
• Annual work plans
• Budgets

• Low competitiveness of goods and services
• Low industrialisation and value addition
• Weak public sector administration
• Corruption
• Lack of infrastructure
• Inadequate human resource
• Low level of saving
• Unfavourable demographics

Per capita income

A more prosperous Uganda with the per capita income going from $506 in 2010 to $9,500 in 2040

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