Three relatives of Pope killed in Argentina traffic accident

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Three relatives of Pope Francis have been killed in a traffic accident Photo: AFP 


Posted  Tuesday, August 19   2014 at  17:15

Three relatives of Pope Francis, two great nephews and their mother, have been killed in a traffic accident in Argentina, police said on Tuesday.

The dead include a baby of eight months and a two-year-old toddler, police commissioner Carina Ferreyra said.
Their father, the pope's nephew Horacio Bergoglio, is in a serious condition, she told AFP.

The accident happened after midnight in the central province of Cordoba when the family was travelling on a motorway.
For reasons that are under investigation the car hit a truck from behind.

The pope's nephew has been hospitalized with multiple injuries. Official details of his condition have not been released.
He is the son of Alberto, the pope's late brother.

The accident happened some 550 kilometers (340 miles) northwest of the capital Buenos Aires, near the city of James Craik.

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