Pornography must not go unpunished

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Pornography must not go unpunished


Posted  Wednesday, July 2   2014 at  01:00

This is an open letter to the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, Interpol, state minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo, and the Uganda Media Council. A few days ago, a Ugandan tabloid newspaper had a front page picture of two children under 10 having real or simulated sex. I thought child pornography is an international crime but I have not heard any chorus of protests or wave of arrests of the culprits. Are the IGP and Interpol sleeping or does this kind of thing pass as normal in Uganda?
Fr Lokodo, the moral crusader, has not uttered a single word. Has he lost the moral high ground or has his moral vision been blunted by his recent legal victories?
The Media Council is a disgrace. They make a fuss about coverage of certain political issues or personalities but when child sex is pandered on the front pages of a tabloid, they are quiet.
Lately, the tabloid has exceeded all boundaries of civilised reporting. Gristly photos of homicide victims are published with wanton disregard to the sensitivities of family members. Each mutilated body is someone’s mother, father, sister or son, or relative. Don’t these people have any conscience?
What is the role of the Media Council in Uganda? Upholding minimal standards of civilised (not gutter) media coverage or just threatening to cancel the licenses of media houses that do not toe the political line?
This is a wake up call for the IGP, Interpol, Father Lokodo, and Media Council. Smell the coffee and do your job.
Tom Egwang,
Mutungo Zone 7

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