Sunday July 27 2014

Criminal gangs in Kampala

A B13 suspect being arrested in Kampala early

A B13 suspect being arrested in Kampala early this month. PHOTO BY Dear Jeanne 

By Dear Jeanne

Kampala has about 10 known criminal gangs operating in the various divisions as well as the entire Kampala Metropolitan policing area.
According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Mr Andrew Felix Kaweesi, most leaders of these gangs have been arrested as well as their members over time.
“We have depleted most of these gangs by arresting their leaders and hundreds of others are under our custody. Some LC leaders have been frustrating our attempts to arrest some of the thugs. They are their children, relatives and friends,” Mr Kaweesi says.
The gangs include;

B13: They have been operating in the city centre, in Lusaze and the surrounding areas of Bulange and Lungujja. They break into houses and rob pedestrians. Their base has been the Nakivubo channel. Its leader is not yet known.

Kifeesi: They operate in Kampala and Mukono but are bred from Katwe - Kinyoro, with their main base at Musoke zone. They use children aged between 13 and 18 years who usually grab women’s handbags and necklaces.
The gang, commanded by a one Face (Nickname), has since been involved in armed robberies and murder cases also registered against them. His gang was suspected to have been responsible for raiding Mpala Police Station in 2013.

Naguru Arrow Boys: It is a smaller gang, formed of young boys from Naguru and operates in Nakawa division with its base at meat packers. Their main targets are pedestrians who use the railway line near Spear Motors.
Their operations are said to spread to Kitintale and Luzira, they use machetes mainly as weapons.

Bijambiya: This is one of the gangs that have operated for about 10 years. They operate in Nakulabye with their main base being in Nakulabye- Kiyaaye.
They are also heard of in Wandegeya, Kasubi and Namugoona. They use weapons like iron bars, machetes, knives and other metallic objects to break into houses as well as steal from pedestrians.

Bukolwa Crew: This one operates in Kisenyi, Kinyoro and is mainly into theft of car parts. They use kids at ages six and above to carry out their operations.

Sobbi: They operate around Nateete, Lugogo and Kampala Central. They have since gone into armed robbery. Their gang leader, Sobbi, is now in Luzira prison.

Cheap Stores: This gang is comprised of women and mainly target traders in Kikuubo and Owino. They also operate along Kampala streets, taxi and bus parks. They coordinate with mugged men who come to their rescue if caught.

Lukanga: They operate around Zzana, Namasuba, Kajjansi, Najjanankumbi, Seguku and Kitende where they waylay people and rob them. It is mainly comprised of former boxers.

Bad Life: These ones operate around Wandegeya, Mulago and Makerere. Their main base is Katanga slum. Their leader was arrested in Luweero in 2013.

Kasolo Boys: This gang’s operations are heard of around Bwaise, Kawempe and on the Northern Bypass. They are suspected murderers and rapists mostly.

Baboon: Their main base is at Kasubi but their operations stretch to Nakulabye, Nambulagala, Munaku as well as Namugoona. They are said to co-exist with the Bijambiya gang in their attacks.