Friday February 17 2017

Beware of the friend who is eyeing your spouse


By Christine Nakalungi

Men, men! Has any woman ever wondered why some of her male peers tend to spend money on her every time they are on an outing? It’s time to worry about that ‘generous’ act of friendship. There is a trend where young men begin their weekend on Wednesdays. They hit the bar as early as 5pm many being newlyweds whereas others claim to be searching for love. There is this group of corporates I know; and since my friend Stacey is dating one of them, we sometimes hang out with them.
The group comprises eight men. The women occasionally hangout but there is one who never misses a night out with these boys. Sometimes she is the only bird in the nest and regardless of the time the boys leave the bar, she will keep them company until the end.

This woman (Martha) was a fiancée to one of our buddies. She is always sober while her husband is a drunk. Then there is Stephen (Stacey’s boyfriend) who has the money but has a wandering eye, he is also the drunk’s best friend.
Stephen is always making sure his drunken best friend never runs out of what to drink. When the bottle is half empty, he calls out to the waiter to make sure the buddy is well attended to; this he does daily.
He also makes sure to buy his other friends a few rounds but his target is usually the one friend who he claims has no money but he likes his company in return he ensures the man always tags along him and his fiancée.

Once this friend is drunk, he can barely balance on one leg and yet his sweet fiancée Martha is still enjoying the company of the boys, she chooses to stay behind claiming she will take a boda boda home. So Stacey’s boyfriend has a particular Uber man he calls to drop off his drunken friend home.
After making sure this drunken fellow is home, he is always quick to offer Martha a ride back home. Stacey, Stephen’s girlfriend has her own car and she is the kind who can drive even in the wee hours of the morning. Stephen always insists that Stacey leaves before he does and being an authoritative man, she always respects him allowing him to carry on with the boys and the one woman.
Kumbe! This boyfriend of hers first takes his best friend’s fiancée to his house before dropping her off to her fiancé’s apartment. This had been happening for several years until one day Stacey walked in on them in the sitting room.

Out of shame, he was mad at her for having walked into the house unannounced. Months later, Stacey bumped into these usual men as she was doing her journalism assignments. They asked why she no longer hangs out with them; she gave them the “I am busy” excuse but after a long conversation, she shared with one friend why she had broken up with Stephen. The man told her that they always knew about their relationship. Martha was sleeping with two men in the same group for a long but her fiancé had no idea. Months ago, the cheating Martha tied the knot with her ever drunk husband and guess who the best man was? – Stacey’s ex/ Martha’s side kick Stephen and oh boy! He gave the biggest contribution and the sweetest speech.
And I wonder, what really happened to true friendship. How can you sleep with your best friend’s fiancée and laugh with him at the same time? And the other friends in the group who were trying hard to keep the brotherly code of secrecy! Such a shame.

Story continues next week