Thursday May 3 2018

Men too, are attracted to rich women

Men attracted rich women


By Christine Nakalungi

Time over, women have been labelled gold diggers; they have been faulted for being in a relationship just because the man has a heavy paycheck. And no matter how genuine her love towards the man could be, nobody believes her.
Truth is, even men are attracted to wealthy women. They dive into a relationship with no other intention but to share her paycheck. “Rich women will not bother you with house rent, Uber fare to come visit you and oh, she pays for dinner every time we go out,” they claim. The truth is, some men are stingy and do not like spending but want to be pampered.
These guys are so cunning that they will invest Shs100,000 but demand Shs1m in return. He is good at suggesting vacations and purchases that he cannot afford himself. He plays the blackmail game and makes you feel guilty over having more money than he does.
Sera was stuck in this kind of relationship. Last weekend, they had a company boat cruise and John, her boyfriend pulled out a jealous card. “Are you going with another man for this boat cruise? Is it because I do not have money to escort you that you are replacing me with another man?” He went on ranting until Sera offered to pay for him to come along. He then claimed that he did not have the perfect clothes for the cruise. She offered to take him shopping and John picked the best and most expensive ones claiming that he did not want Sera’s workmates to think he is cheap and broke.
As they were almost boarding, John asked Sera to give him money. “I want to be the one to pay for the bills. I do not want your friends to know that you are paying for me. It is demeaning” John convinced her. She gave him the money but as soon as they boarded, John started buying drinks for everyone. They sung his name as a generous and rich guy but truth was, he was spending Sera’s money. Sera sat quietly in a corner and witnessed her money being ‘chopped’ mercilessly. After sometime, John came back for more money and this time Sera looked him straight in the eye and told him, “I don’t have money” John became angry and did not talk to her the entire evening. When the cruise was over, Sera ran for her life. John had shown her his true colours. He had been doing this to her but she was blinded by love and never paid attention. All he wanted was her money.
So yes, our community is filled with so many lazy men who do not want to work but want to live a good life. They are male gold diggers and will do anything to drain your account.