Passo gives edge in terms of space

Thursday June 27 2019

The Passo is not for everyone. It is small and

The Passo is not for everyone. It is small and some people might and will find it cramped 

By David S. Mukooza

Small cars on the Ugandan market are increasingly becoming popular. The Toyota Passo is one of them and it must have been aimed at younger drivers. The Toyota Passo is bold, in its tiny little way. Looking like a traditional hatchback with more than a passing resemblance to the Nissan note, the Passo is powered by a 1.0 and 1.3 litre engines and uses its small footprint well.
While very convenient for parking and storage you can use half of your garage for all your other stuff, and still park in the other half (depending on the size of your garage), its size will not cut it for some. Fact is, while some like the feel of a small car, others may find the Passo a bit too small. However, it is a mini world with a lot of potential.

According to Ronald Lubega, a mechanic at Grace Lubega Motors, the Passo’s fuel consumption is very friendly because it is optimised with the smaller size and tiny displacement of 1.0 litre and 1.3 litre engines. The overall layout of the Toyota Passo engine supports efficient fuel consumption followed by budget friendly maintenance. Lubega says this aids in performance optimisation and brings with it the suspension that generates better results. The less fuel consumption aids in reducing maintenance cost further.
The Passo’s interior has every feature that an excellent small car should have. The overall layout is designed with comfort in mind.
So, navigation systems and indicator metres are made crisp and clear for the purpose.
The air bags will ensure your safety with curtain sided and front sided bags bursting out from the car structure.
The TV and navigation are also installed externally. Additionally, its beautiful seat covers will add to its overall beauty and value in case you decide to sell the car.

The Passo looks a bit stylish on the exterior. A number of people love character lines on cars and the Passo does not disappoint.
The alloy wheels acts as image boosters but with some extra money paid, some additional feature can be installed. The neon lights are also an additional feature with illumination to a new level in latest models. It is best for urban lifestyle and gives edge in terms of space. Unless the Passo has a very flamboyant colour, it shall almost always pass for just another funky small car from Toyota.

With its several underpinnings from Toyota’s small car stable, the Passo will likely be highly reliable and serviceable pretty much anywhere that you could take a Toyota, and I can bet on a strong resale value over time. According to Lubega, all its serviceable parts are readily available and the none-serviceable ones can still be easily found.

For young buyers, the Passo can be a great first car with far more personality than what you can get elsewhere in its price bracket. Because of its fuel sipping ways, its resale value and maintenance shall always be in Vitz, Corolla, Spacio, Premio category, a fact that many Uganda car buyers love.

The Passo is not for everyone, though. It is small and some people might and will find it cramped. Sometimes, the small size is a real plus, sometimes not because you might just need a little more space.
Fuel Consumption / MPG
Average fuel consumption of Toyota Passo is about 40 Mpg.